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10 Smart Travel Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Business trips are fun in nature because it allows you to work in a different setting. Meaning, no swivel chairs and staring at walls or the ceiling for five minutes until the clock strikes six (or whatever your end time is).

But as much as it is fun, it’s also dreadful to be out of your comfort zone. The same thing goes when meeting people you haven’t met yet, hoping you give a great impression—at least for the business’s sake.

If you’re unsure how to approach your business trip, here are ten smart travel tips to help you manage your anxieties:

Prepare a To-Do List

From booking car rental services to meeting potential partners, preparing a to-do list allows you to manage your time and resources.

It helps you remember all the things you need to accomplish during that trip. This includes other personal stuff that needs to be done to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

But even with a to-do list, allow yourself to breathe and give room for adjustments if some items on the list don’t go as planned. It’s part of the process, and it shouldn’t derail you from hitting your target.

Use a Business Credit Card

It’s vital that you separate business affairs from personal ones, and that includes your finances. If you’re treating your clients to a lunch out or a fancy dinner, use your business credit card instead of your own because it’s easier to track your expenses.

Besides, you won’t need to bring a considerable amount of cash with you when you travel. One or two business credit cards will suffice.

The other good thing is that by using your business credit card, you’ll be able to accumulate enough reward points. This could come in handy for your future official trips.

Pack Light

To successfully pack light while making sure nothing important is left behind is a joy for most entrepreneurs.

You would think that you always have to carry every item on your office desk to make the trip a booming success. But in reality, the lighter you pack, you will likely experience less stress.

No need to go through the tedious check-in process, and you won’t worry about incurring excess baggage fees. If you can, bring your trusty carry-on luggage and breeze through the airport without a fuss.

But if you will be gone for the trip for a long time, make sure you have a list of only the essential items to bring. Be smart enough to pick your clothes for the trip by mixing and matching your business clothes.

Use Technology for Planning

Writing down your to-do lists, schedule, and plans for the trip is significant. But using a pen and a paper while on the plane can get uncomfortable, and you might even forget where’d you put it.

To make it easy for you, use technology when you plan. Use apps that could help you track your expenses and list your itineraries. You can also mark your phone calendars for important dates and schedule with a potential client.

You may also opt to book your flights via the airline website for faster transactions instead of going to an actual booking office. It saves time and energy.

Get Pre-Screened

Before going to the airport, you can get pre-screened by signing up for TSA Precheck and Global Entry. It’s a lot helpful when you mind the time, and you don’t have an opening in your schedule to go through all the security counters.

For entrepreneurs always on-the-go, time is essential; that is why getting pre-screened is the solution.

Check One-Way Flights

Booking one-way flights can be a lot cheaper. You can book a different airline going to your trip destination, and a different one when flying back home.

Some airlines can cost less than the others, depending on the date and time of the flight. But at least with this option, you can pick whichever works best for you.

It allows you to be more flexible about your flight schedule, and it’s a joy to save money during the process.

Bring Your Electronics for Continuous Work

A business trip requires you to work while on the move. From answering emails aboard a plane to making phone calls while in the car, you must have your electronics with you.

Bringing your laptop or tablet during the trip allows you to work continuously. It’s a different kind of fulfillment to meet deadlines and communicate with colleagues and clients during your business trip. It is an important career lesson that everyone should master.

Utilize VoIP Services

Living in the time of the internet, you must always use it to your advantage.

Instead of taking the traditional roaming calls to your home office, utilize VoIP services. It can help you save up to 90% when it comes to communication costs.

Internet-powered messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Duo, Whatsapp, and Telegram are some of the many options you can use for communication.

Use Money or Budget Apps

Earlier in this article, we said you should use technology to plan your trips. We mean it, especially when it comes to tracking your budget.

You may have your business credit card with you with an immense credit limit, but that doesn’t mean you can spend beyond the planned budget. Track your expenses by using an app. It’s an easier way for you to log and record your activities.

After all, it’s unlikely you have the time to jot down your expenses in your notebook while running from one meeting to another.

Network Along the Way

You’re out there to meet new people and potential business partners or clients that will thrust you up the ladder.

Whether it be the friendly stranger you met at the bar or the Uber driver who was kind enough to ask you how you’re doing, you must create connections. Prepare a business card to hand out in case you might want to discuss it with them.


Entrepreneurs are expected to be smart both for official matters. This includes trips that might help them grow their business.

They say not to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes, it’s the little things that stress us out the most. Packing, for one, is an important detail that you should not take for granted.

The less stress you have, the happier you’ll be when you’re out to do your business during the trip.

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