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10 Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fresh


The most challenging task while managing your brand’s social media account is to come up with fresh ideas every day. It’s challenging but at the same time, it’s evenly important as it attracts your followers’ attention and keeps them updated with the information.

With fresh content every day, your followers will be ever-excited to see what your next content will be and in this way, you can engage them and turn them into your customer.

But here is the toughest part. You know you should give fresh content daily, but confused about what type of content to create? Which content should be the best to engage your followers? 

Don’t worry, we are here with the 10 social media ideas to keep your brand’s feed fresh and also to engage your followers.

Start an AMA Series


An AMA (Ask me anything) series is a fun way to connect and engage with your followers. AMA is a Q&A session where you ask your followers to put a question for you and you can share your knowledge, experience, and information through the answers.

You can use the AMA sticker on Instagram and share it in your story. On Twitter, you can simply tweet and create a particular hashtag for it. So, you can use different ways to create an Ask me Anything session on different social media platforms.

Social Media Takeover


You can conduct a social media takeover by letting someone else take over your feed. This is what we call Influencer Marketing. You can partner with influencers or even with a co-marketing brand for 1 day to take over your social media channels and have fun with it.

This will give your account more exposure, engagement, and might turn your followers into your customers.

Run a Giveaway or Contest


You can run a contest or giveaway as this is one of the most impactful ideas to keep your followers engaged. You can run a giveaway of your product or service or you can even run a contest regularly.

According to data from Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts are related to the content and they have more than 1000 likes or comments on it. So, this is a great idea to keep your brand’s feed fresh.

Share Short Videos


When you are sharing a video, you are letting your followers to land or see your post for more time as compared to the images. So, sharing short videos is a great idea to engage and keep your followers entertained.

You can create videos about anything that keeps your followers engaged and entertained. But, keep it short and simple and it should be related to your brand, product, or your services. 

Repost, Retweet, and Share


Another great idea is to share, repost, or retweet the content your partners or brands share. You can reshare those tweets, posts, videos, or anything your followers share to give your followers an insight into what you like and follow.

You can retweet on Twitter and share the posts, on Facebook you can post a link to another post on your page. On Instagram, you can use apps like InstaRepost or Repost for Instagram that will allow you to share the content with other users.

Post Live Videos


Posting live videos is considered to be an effective strategy to keep your feed fresh and also to keep your followers engaged. You can even post a live video update of any event or meeting.

You can host a preview event of your upcoming products or services using Facebook Live or Twitter Live. This is a fun and interactive way to connect with your followers.

Repurpose Your Content


You can repurpose your content in different ways like you can repurpose an interview into a blog post or blog into an infographic, etc. This will help you save time, enhance your engagement, and increase your online presence.

You can use social analytics to find out your top-performing posts and you can plan to repurpose that content.

Conduct an Interview

You can conduct an interview with a relevant influencer, expert, or professional in your industry. Social media has made it easier to conduct an interview. You can use BeLive on Facebook that allows you to conduct split-screen interviews.

Social media interviews are not those formal interviews, they are informal and come off as genuine to your followers. They are more entertaining and engaging as compared to formal interviews. So, this is also a good option for your brand’s presence.

Collab with Other Brands


Collaborating with another brand in your industry gives you as well as other companies exposure to each other’s audience. You can team up with another company for promotions, webinars, or anything else your audience would love to see.

You must look for brands that aren’t your competitors but have a similar audience as yours. Social media is a great way to connect with people and share your content. So, why not take advantage of it.

Share Memes

Today, whenever we open any social media, we see memes everywhere, whether it’s funny, knowledgeable, or anything else. So, memes are also a great idea to keep your followers engaged with your posts.

You can make memes related to your industry, products, or services. That will keep your brand’s feed fresh and also keep your followers entertained. You can also share funny memes on trending topics.

But you need to be careful while posting a meme. You should first understand it and make sure it’s not offensive, it should not hurt anybody’s feelings and should not embarrass any organization directly or indirectly.


So, these were some of the ideas that you can use on your social media channels to keep your feed fresh. These ideas will surely keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can use these ideas on any platform but make sure your post is not offensive.

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Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

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