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4 Techniques to Improve Remote Workforce Productivity During COVID-19 Pandemic


The recent lockdown has shaken the whole world. Almost all of the companies start working from home. During this critical period, you must have seen a decrease in your team productivity. This is expected since not all the employees are used to this work from home culture. This might cause a decrease in the level of productivity. Don’t worry, here are the 4 techniques to improve remote workforce productivity during COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Employment is a contract between a commercial enterprise and its staff, one in which people operate wished offerings in trade for agreed-upon wages. Labor administration offerings can assist you to decide the perfect variety of employees wished to get jobs done, however the contract between corporation and worker can solely advantage each event if expectations are made clear from the get-go. If you prefer to get the excellent overall performance and ensure productivity, it’s necessary that you have clear goals, inclusive of benchmarks and deadlines. Also, be positive to create certain and practical expectations so that personnel recognizes precisely how to proceed. Other elements may additionally intervene with productivity, however, if you graph excellent and speak effectively, these cases and influences can be accounted for to a degree.

2. Empower Employees to Manage Their Time

Do not micromanage your employees. Empower them so that they can manage their time and can avoid that meaningless time-wasting-tasks. Assign tasks remotely, fix a deadline for the assignment, and provide constructive feedback when it is done. If you think they need coaching to improve their performance then arrange a conference call or video call so that they can feel they are with the team. Allowing your personnel this latitude to manipulate their personal time, furnished they meet cut-off dates and expectations, will make them experience valued and relied on and improve morale. In most instances, this will result in higher productivity.

3. Use Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is the best tool to keep track of your employee’s performance. This software comes with a productive time tracker. The timer tracks the productive hours so that you can see how productive your employees were throughout the day. Even you can see their web usage data by the screenshot captured by the software. The robust employee monitoring software like CloudDesk also provides face id verification to exclude employee fraud during this COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the day, you can see the overall productivity of the employees and can push the unproductive one to be productive.

4. Utilize Employee Engagement App

During this lockdown, your employees might lose their motivation due to this critical emergency situation. As an employer, it is important for you to stay connected with them, motivate them, and help them to stay healthy. CircleCare employee engagement app provides all these solutions to the employers. Using this application, you can motivate all your employees from a single platform. Using this amazing app, you can motivate your employees, encourage them to stay healthy, and reward them for achieving health goals. All these will create connectivity beyond the organization’s boundary and boost their productivity.

We don’t know when this pandemic will stop, and everything will become as usual. It will take time. During this uncertain time, your team needs to stay focused and productive and connected with their peers. Using the aforementioned techniques will surely help you to boost your workforce productivity to ensure smooth business performance during this critical situation. So, apply them now.

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