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5 Easy SEO Wins You Can Implement Today


Even after best efforts, your website may not attract the required traffic.

Just creating a website is not sufficient! You have to be enlisted with search engines for attracting organic search traffic and it takes a lot of work.

 Fortunately, there are certain tasks that do don’t call for as much effort as compared with tasks like the building of links and yet they manage to get significant gains.

Instead of SEO big pictures, you should focus on the simple adjustments that as a site owner, you are able to implement today.

Here a few SEO tactics that are easy on technique and big on the result. Just take a look.

  • Link Google Analytics – At the time of setting up the website, linking Google analytics to it must be the first thing that you should do. Go for it right now, if you have not done this already for more in-depth knowledge about your content, where they rank on Google and understand your website traffic. Google Analytics is free and can offer a plethora of useful info that you can utilize to monitor and enhance the website rankings.
  • Do Away with the Low-quality Content – Though you have created all the contents with the best intentions, some of them are bound to not work.  There are a variety of reasons for this. Even though Google has reinforced it at certain times, low-quality content can truly do more harm if you leave them there. They can also impact your credit score adversely. There is some software like Screaming Frog which is available on the internet today for crawling the site and generating a list of URLs. This way you won’t miss anything. Next, you have to review the list by going through every content URL that comes up to decide which content is of low quality or outdated. You have to manually visit every page and review the project. Google Search Console offers you the ability to export the URL CSV file which Google has indexed for the website. You can categorize them by traffic. A lot of the content that will come up the list can be and should be redirected to a high-quality page. But do not redirect them to the home page. Redirect it to the legitimate web page of your site which is stronger and is of high-quality. Otherwise, 404 is the ultimate destination for them.
  • Set Focus Keywords – This is one of the first steps that you can take for every page. WordPress’ Yoast SEO plugin makes this process an absolute breeze. But for those who are not using WordPress, you should give the search crawlers the best information on how to index the page of yours. Higher SEO value is attached by search engines to pages that use consistent and specific keywords in case of the onsite SEO elements. If it knows the whereabouts of a page, it offers that info to the searches made. On each of your pages, you can tighten up the primary keyword phrase. After deciding the keywords that will best fit your page ( done after some keyword research) make sure that the selected phrase is included in each of the onsite elements like –
  • Page Metadata
  • Image Tags
  • Body Copy
  • Headings
  • Page URLs

One of the simplest fixes to SEO is creating consistency in the usage of keywords.

  • Optimize the Speed of the Site – Site speed is influenced by quite a few things that you can control.  This includes plugins, images, the Instagram feature bar, and fancy fonts. The quickest way to enhance the speed of your site is to reduce the size of images strewn across your website and do away with unnecessary plugins. The ideal image size for the blog posts should be between 200-300 kb jpeg format. Your web host also plays a crucial role in the case of the speed of your website. The lower tire hosts can likely slow down your site’s load speed irrespective of the image size. So always opt for a quality host.
  • Focus on Mobile – Google and its other search engines have been focussing on mobile phones for quite some time now. The mobile phones began outperforming the desktop since 2016. You won’t be able to perform well on Google if your site is not mobile-optimized.  Your mobile site has to be organized differently as compared with the desktop as the former lacks space.  The mobile site calls for a smaller screen with all the functionalities like live chats, rotating banner ads, etc. The mobile visitors should be able to shop seamlessly, chat, and view most of the visuals when your site is mobile optimized. So when you optimize your eCommerce site for mobile, it is the best thing for your SEO.  

These are some of the quick SEO strategies as suggested by the experts of the reputed digital marketing company that you can implement for improving your website’s rank on search engines and attract more traffic.

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