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5 Tips to Build An Ace Corporate Event Management Plan


It’s no doubt. 

The competition for getting attendees’ attention to corporate events and conferences has gotten fiercer.  The number of corporate events and conferences is on the rise and with so many product launches and engagement and brand awareness events to choose from, your organization event will need to be flawless.

A single wrong step can hurt your bottom line as well as your brand. 

So, here are a few tips to ace the corporate event management planning.  

Establishing Project Timeline

Designing a large event will require you to keep track of a wide range of tasks. This can be done by developing a master detailed checklist. The good news is that there are new, innovative tools that streamline and simplify all these tiny details. 

This overall planning checklist will serve as an essential tracking tool for the duration of the planning process. 

In order to keep it in track, you can also create a spreadsheet and using individual tabs for every event category— schedule, marketing conference, speakers, venue, travel, and agenda. This way, you get to list each task or event, the people responsible for each part and the deadlines.

Collect Ideas

The business’ employees are by far its biggest asset. Thus, it is critical for event organizers to find ways to collect innovative ideas from employees that can add significant value to the event.

To do this, you can choose an event networking platform that supports messaging and sharing where event organizers can look through posts for innovative ideas. 

Choose Thought-Provoking Speakers

Finding the right keynote speakers for your event will provide your attendees with an experience that they will not soon forget. 

Look for speakers who can provide deep insights to their audience, instead of simply relying on those with recognizable and big names.

To plan a meaningful corporate event that captures the imaginations of those attending, consider looking for a speaker inside the company. Undoubtedly, your company will have some employees with a memorable story to tell or may have found some major insights which everyone in the company and the audience could benefit from. 

Use Event Planning Software

A good event planning software can help streamline your task like never before. For instance, you can create a task list and track those tasks within the time limits that you set. You can manage your budgets and see whether you are going over the set limits. With online software, your team will always be on the same page and can work collaboratively even if they are not in the same room. 

Scheduling tools, too, can provide a visual timeline on where your tasks are, with their duration outlines as you want. If any tasks depend on one being completed before it can begin, these can also be linked so that progress is not blocked. 

Don’t Forget a Post-Event Debrief

This is probably the most often overlooked key to planning a corporate event. After your event has concluded, it is crucial that you evaluate the overall event performance based in part by the expectations, goals, and objectives of the event. 

In order to evaluate success, organizers will need to plan post-event surveys or collecting and analyzing the data provided by their chosen event planning software. A performance review should also be presented to the management with any suggestions and recommendations for future corporate events and conferences. 


Any company that wishes to build lasting relationships and raise awareness needs to know how to produce professional corporate events. 

However, planning a big corporate event is no walk in the park. 

Whether you are giving employee training and increasing engagement for 15 or hosting a product launch for 300 people, the above tips should lessen the burden and help you create a successful corporate event management plan. 

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