6 Clever Fundraising Ideas for Your Startup Business


Startup businesses are likewise important to the economy because of their nature and their goals. Most startup companies rely on the idea that they have the capacity to meet the demands of the consumers, as well as identify the ideal and innovative product and services that will fulfill the needs of the market. And although startups are already fast-growing enterprises, raising capital and funds are just as important. Furthermore, competition in the business industry must be taken into account because there are thousands of business ideas that wisely attract investors.

Hence, choosing the right financing strategy is highly crucial for the development of your business. Without access to finance, it is definitely a challenge to propel your business to success. Fortunately, incorporating several fundraising ideas for your startup can provide you with the needed capital and most importantly, connect you to potential investors that will eventually finance your company.

1. Seek The Help Of Family And Friends To Finance Your Startup

As a startup company, it is wise to call on the support of your closest circle, your family and trusted friends. Needless to say, these people have been with you for years and know your strengths and abilities. Hence, presenting your business idea or concept is most likely to be met with approval. As an entrepreneur, you will certainly face many challenges especially if your business is yet in the prototype stage. Getting financing through investors might not easily be granted because of the lack of trust on the part of the investors. Nevertheless, the first people who will support you are those that believe in your ability and have the confidence that you can eventually succeed in your business venture.

2. Peer-To-Peer Lending

This type of fundraising idea is becoming more and more acceptable to a lot of business groups, where people would lend money to each other. While this is usually found in small business groups and ethnic groups that have the same goals, this also applies to startup entrepreneurs who are also willing to support each other.

3. Angel Investment

One way of obtaining guaranteed funds for your startup is to get access from Angel investors. These individuals are always keen on recognising potential startup companies and then use their funds to invest in the business. Moreover, Angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who have the available funds to fuel the development and expansion of startup businesses. The greatest advantage of this type of fundraising is that the capital invested will not be returned to the investor in case of business failure. Instead, the investor will take an equity position in the company. Engaging with an Angel investor is never easy, and there’s a need to communicate clearly with your potential investor on how your business may be managed.

4. Organise A Social Industry Event

Organising a social event for your startup is a great way to increase your funds. Naturally, a social and industry gathering assembles investors, business owners, stakeholders and new entrepreneurs for business opportunities. Thus, if you own a startup company, hosting and organising a social event will, in no doubt, connect you with important people, as well as opportunities to showcase your product or services.

There are factors to consider in organizing such an event. You need to have a competitive team that will handle the planning effectively. The location of your event must be convenient and comfortable enough for people to walk around and meet with other investors and businessmen. Hence, seeking the help of a professional event organizer will ensure successful interaction.  It is also the right venue to speak about your business concept, allowing the crowd to get an overview of what your business is about, its goals and its contribution to society. In this way, you will attract potential investors who may be interested in your startup. Participating in this kind of event is also necessary to build your credibility in the business arena. Sharing your mission and vision can impact others to join your cause.

5. Join Startup Competitions

As a startup entrepreneur, it is always wise to draw attention from high-net-worth individuals and stakeholders. And one way to do this is to join startup competitions. Startup competition conventionally brings in large monetary funds that are enough to subsidise a certain business project. Apart from this, winning these competitions will build your prestige and validation for your company. It is important to remember that awareness and credibility of your company must be well established for you to compete and thrive. Moreover, your products or services can also attract investors who are willing to take your business to the next level.

6. Pre-selling Your Products

One way of getting funds is to introduce and pre-sell your products to the market. In this way, you will have a rough idea of how many products are sold, and how many should you make. Pre-selling your product will also allow you to get constructive feedback from your customers, which is very important during the initial phase of your business. Valuable feedback from the consumers will allow you to develop your product that will fit the needs of the market. Although this sometimes creates pressure for the entrepreneurs, this is vital in gauging the saleability of your product. As a product developer, you need to have an idea of how the market will validate your product, and whether your product will back fulfill the market’s needs.

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