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A Complete Guide for Startup Businesses to Develop a Successful Food Delivery App


Did you ever think that the food delivery app business would receive such a massive response in the market? No? Neither did we. However, it is not the same case now. The rising demand for food ordering app business shows that the people have always needed on-demand food ordering services. The app business gained traction as they are launched in the industry.

Several companies are getting into the food delivery business to earn their share of revenue. But only a few succeed in the long run. The failure of many on-demand app businesses is attributed to the fact that they lack knowledge about their target audience and step into the market without a feature-rich application on board.

The writeup is for companies that are new to the on-demand food delivery industry. It will walk you through the critical factors you should consider before stepping into the niche and the features your app should accommodate. Here’s what you need to know:

Find out your target group

Before starting with the development of a mobile app, it is necessary to know the target group you are focusing on. It not only helps in the success of your app but also aids you in marketing your services at later stages of your business. Get to know your target groups, their locations, demographics, interests, and lifestyle. These details will help you create a buyer persona that can be used to promote the app in the forthcoming days.

For food businesses, the target audience will be the working class and students, i.e., people with a busy lifestyle. Also, food enthusiasts who like to get their food delivered at their doorstep can be added to your target audience list.

List down the powerful features to be integrated into your app

There is a list of must-have advanced features that an on-demand food ordering app should include, offering a smooth experience to the stakeholders, namely customers, delivery executives, and restaurant owners.


Customer’s app

  • Registration: Allow the users to sign up through email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. Giving them various options will help them register quickly.
  • Search & filter: The feature helps users to search for food items based on locations, restaurants, and cuisines. Thus, assisting them in making better decisions.
  • Order placement: The app should function in a way that allows the users to place the order in a few taps. Help them proceed with the final checkout and payment with ease.
  • Real-time tracking: Help your users track their food orders with geolocation map integration. This feature will keep customers informed with precise ETA.
  • Payment options: Integrate multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal, CCAvenue, into your food ordering service app. It helps the customers pay using the payment mode of their choice.
  • Reviews & ratings: Allow your users to provide their valuable feedback about the behavior and the service of the delivery executive. They can also share reviews on the food delivered. It helps you in maintaining the quality of service.

Delivery executive’s app

  • Registration: Allow the drivers to signup with their email ID, phone number, or social media accounts.
  • User profile: Let the drivers maintain their complete profile, including their name, contact details, picture, driver license, and vehicle details. Also, give them the option to edit their profiles.
  • Notification alerts: When the users place the orders, the drivers should be notified, so they can start their trip to the restaurants for picking up the order.
  • GPS-enabled map integration: Integrate GPS-enabled maps into the app, showcasing drivers the shortest route to reach the customers’ place on time. It helps in earning credibility for your app.
  • Manage multiple deliveries: Give the drivers the option to deliver multiple orders placed from nearby locations. It helps to manage the entire process effectively.

Admin panel

  • Performance monitoring: Details of delivery executives, restaurant owners, scheduled/canceled orders, deliveries, and other related data can be easily monitored.
  • Manage orders: Manage every order taking place in the app, from pickups to dispatch.
  • Real-time updates: Receive notifications and updates when the drivers and restaurant owners update their profiles.
  • Payment and commission management: Allow admins to set commission rates and manage payments from their panel.

Go for a leading app development company

Once you are done with researching your target group and listing down the features to be integrated into the app, you can start with the development of your app. It is not necessary to develop an app from scratch. You can go with UberEats clone apps whose scripts are customizable as per your needs. Another added advantage is that these platforms are highly scalable, giving you a competitive edge. Get in touch with a leading app development company and get your feature-rich food ordering app developed in a jiffy.

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