About Me

Hi there, I’m Dorian Martin, a digital guru and a writer about all things digital 😎. I began my career in college while studying computer science as a major and minoring in mass communication. While most thought this an odd combination, there was a “method to my madness.” I was forward-looking enough to realize that a solid understanding of such things as AI, blockchain, and being able to pair that with content writing and digital marketing would be attractive to any number of organizations. Now, I’m a frequent blogger, a marketing and article contributor to a number of businesses that offer AI/ML, blockchain, and data science services to their clients.

Why I created this blog

Having seen so many people try everything they could to make money and succeeding has always brought a smile to my face. Seeing others fail has, however, left me depressed and wishing I could do something to help them cope with failure.

Anyone needs some guidance at one point in their life. Whether it’s about a new job or how to overcome failure, you’ve probably wished there was someone to listen to you. Trust me, I know how you feel. For that reason, I thought that I should do something to bring more happiness to the world and make a difference.

Some of the outdated ways of gaining cash are not working anymore, or at least not for everyone. In today’s world, there are other ways to make income easily, making people wonder what is right to do, and what could bring them a piece of success.

Therefore, it’s essential to find new ways of making money, because you could eventually create something new, something never seen before, and gain a great income. The Internet is your friend. We live in an era of technology, and you should take advantage of it. There are so many companies that have found out about the Internet and how it’s helpful in promoting their business, attracting an audience and gaining success.

Moreover, finding new ways to make income could bring you a lot of long-term benefits. You will have a stable source of income and you could build a path for those who weren’t lucky enough.

Digital marketing, ads, sponsored posts – all of these are tools that could give you what you wish for. You don’t know how to use the digital world to gain some cash? There’s no need to worry – I aim to help you through this blog.