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Top Growth Hacks for B2B Lead Generation – Ultimate Guide


Are you investing much time, energy, effort, and money to adopt the latest B2B marketing strategies but you still have not recognized any growth in your B2B business? Then, perhaps it is time that you learn top growth hacks for B2B lead generation. These growth hacks help you reach a wider audience and therefore boost your business. 

What are the Top Growth Hacks for B2B Lead Generation?

Here are the top B2B growth hacks that help you boost your lead generation.

1. Perform Email A/B Testing

A/B testing is to test the two versions of a strategy to see which one leaves you better off. A/B testing is the method that is used to evaluate websites, apps, email, social media strategies, etc. Email marketing mainly focuses on the content management of the email that you send out to your recipients’ list. To see which subject line and body would work best, you need to perform A/B testing every once in a while. 

But, how will you evaluate the efficiency of your email marketing strategy? The answer is by analyzing the statistics of your emails. You should compare the open rate and the reply rate. Then, you will know which strategy works best for your B2B email marketing and generates more leads for you

2. Create Worthwhile Content 

How would you prove that you are a professional and have enough expertise in your B2B business? One way is that you launch content marketing campaigns and publish white papers, case studies, client testimonials, eBooks, webinars, etc. for your target audience. 

If you find such a task difficult, it is better that you start with writing SEO-friendly blog posts considering the needs of your target audience. Monitor the most-visited blog posts and expand the article into a white paper or eBook. Then share the final result on your website and cross-promote it on your social media or emails to attract more leads. 

3. Use Referrals

To generate more leads for your B2B business, one smart way is to make the most use of your clients. Turn your clients to your referrals and brand ambassadors. By asking them to invite a friend, you can get more sign-ups for your service. You can offer some advantages to incentivize the invitation process. 

This idea has a high chance of success because people prefer to use a product or service that their friends suggest to them. According to statistics, 74% of buyers get influenced by the word of mouth. Generally speaking, word of mouth is more effective than paid advertisements on different platforms. 

4. Segment Your Newsletters 

Sending out regular newsletters has two advantages. Firstly, it helps you to be always in the minds of your clients as they keep seeing your newsletter email in their inbox. Secondly, it shows that your business is constantly moving forward and you are informing about the latest upgrades. However, what you should be really careful about is to design your newsletter in a way that meets the needs of your clients. Make sure that you provide the relevant information for your clients by considering different segmentations for your newsletter. 

5. Create Ultimate Guides 

Another way to create captivating and engaging content in order to attract more leads for your B2B business is to create ultimate guides for the subjects that are most searched for in your niche. Creating ultimate guides has two advantages for your B2B business.

Firstly, you can generate a lot of new leads who search for the problem that your ultimate guide provides the answer to. Secondly, as the traffic to your website grows, you will get a higher rank on the search engines which is a perfect credit to your B2B business. 

6. Include Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to keep your clients satisfied or to generate more leads. Think of the new visitors to your website who see the live chat pop up on their screens. This would make them feel that they will be heard any second without having to wait for hours. So, it is a kind of guarantee that someone is there for your clients to help them with the new issues that happen to them regarding your products or services. 

7. Cooperate with Influencers

If you are willing to invest some budget in influencers, you should know that they can be very helpful for your B2B business. Promoting your business through influencers can be effective regarding the budget that you spend. They can promote you on their B2B social media, write an article for your blog, or be a guest in your webinars. 

8. Add Free Trials for Your Services

Free trials are limited-time services that you offer to generate more leads. As many people prefer to try a product or service for free before buying it, free trials can win you a lot of new leads. If the free trial shows that the service is worth the price, they would pay for it when the free trial expires. 

9. Simplify the Website Design 

Last, but not least, you should eliminate as many barriers on the way to the conversion of your leads as possible. One of the barriers is the complicated UX/UI design of your B2B website that confuses the generated leads. If the new leads get lost in your website and cannot find what they need, they would simply leave your website and check for your competitors who have much more user-friendly websites

Accordingly, it is better to simplify your website and shorten the way to the final actions that your generated leads should take. 

10. Use Social Media

Using social media to promote your B2B business and generate leads is a smart move because social media users are increasing year by year. Take Instagram for example. If you work on your Instagram content plan and produce captivating content as well as a good profile for your B2B business, you can generate a lot of leads for your business. If you do not have a large follower base, you can use a 1000 free Instagram followers trial or use Instagram growth services and get 100% organic followers. Then, you should post your content regularly and monitor Instagram activities


The above growth hacks for your B2B business are aimed at enhancing your business and increase your generated leads. Read them and apply them and enjoy the growth of your B2B business. Wish you the best of luck!

I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for DMPro, Realtormate, and online magazines in Italy, and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!

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