Backend as a Service-Secrets Unlocked.


With the increasing demands of users, it is getting difficult for developers to cope with modern-day mobile applications and web applications. It is because developing an application consists of 3 main steps.

  • Front end
  • Connection
  • Backend

The users only focus on the front end, and they do not care what is happening on the backend of the application. So, when a developer spends most of his time making the backend functional, the efficiency of that application decreases in time and cost.

A solution to this issue is Banned as a Service or BaaS. BaaS makes things very simple for the developers, and here we will discuss how it works.

BaaS Overview:

BaaS or Backend as a Service is a cloud-based technology that provides all the backend features and functionality for an application. It makes things easier for the developers because they do not have to write code specifically for each feature of their mobile and web application.

  • BaaS is a service provided by a lot of service providers, and each of them has its distinct features and benefits depending on the services they provide.
  • However, the main goal here is to make the overall development process easy and efficient for the developers.

BaaS Benefits:

One of the reasons behind this technology’s success is the wide array of features that it comes with. Here we will discuss some of the features of BaaS in detail.

Amazing cost reduction

The very first and most important benefit of BaaS is its cost-efficiency. Usually, an application needs a team of developers who work on different features and parts of the applications, although it is a mobile app or a web app.

Not only this, but separate server and hosting charges also increased the price of the application. However, using BaaS means that many features will be dealt with by the service providers, and a lot of developers will not be required for one application. So, it will decrease the overall development cost.

Fewer chances of data loss

Data loss is a major drawback of server and hosting services. It is no more a problem with BaaS because data backup features are available that automatically backup data.


Security is another major issue for the developers’ teams when they use servers and hosting. This problem is also resolved because BaaS providers have fool-proof security solutions. Some of the security solutions are mentioned below.

  • User authentication
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Email verification

BaaS Limitations:

Along with all the amazing benefits of BaaS, there are some limitations as well. Here we will enlighten some of the limitations of BaaS.

  • Good quality internet is needed in abundance.

With the usage of cloud technology, the whole backend needs an internet connection. The worst part is that the simplest operations require the internet, and it is required to be of great quality. With the implementation of BaaS, it gets essential for users to have proper internet connectivity.

There are many areas in the world without proper internet coverage, which is a major issue for the people there.

  • Backups are slower in some cases.

Backup of data requires a good internet connection, and if the internet is not available, then the backup will be difficult to create. The backup will not only be difficult, but with a bad internet connection, it will also be slower.

  • Restores are slower in some cases.

The case with data backup restores is the same as creating the backup. In this case, the only difference is that the data is being shifted from the server to the device. It also required an internet connection, and it will also be prolonged if there is no good internet connection available.

Core Features to know about:

Speaking of features that you get when you use BaaS, there are plenty of them. All of them are making the application’s features and user experiences better in different ways. Here we will discuss some of them.

Real-time database services

One of the best features of BaaS is that it provides a real-time database feature. In the older times, users had to refresh their app to see the latest updates regarding the data, but now things have drastically changed. The real-time database automatically synchronizes the data so users can get real-time results.

APIs make things easier.

To make the development process easier for the developers, BaaS services providers provide users with APIs. These APIs make the coding process very easy because it helps in the easier connection between the front end and the backend of the application.

Social Integration

It is the era of social media, and users love to integrate all their apps with social media platforms. Although it used to be very difficult to add this feature in older times, with BaaS, adding social integration is not difficult anymore.

Third-party services.

When an application gets third-party services integrated into it, it becomes a lot more feature-rich. It is because users can use the services of 2 different applications while staying at one.

You can take an example from online shopping applications where your payment options are integrated from other applications. It is effortless to do when you use BaaS.

Data storage, optimization, management, and backup.

It is another great feature that is provided when you use BaaS for application development. When an application is backed with backend services from a BaaS provider, all the data related functionalities are managed by the service providers.

It includes storage, management, optimization, and backup. In this way, BaaS makes the application better in terms of stability and easier to develop at the same time.


When you talk about BaaS, you can say that this is something that has revolutionized the world of mobile and web application development by all of its features and benefits. However, BaaS makes things easier for the developers, but it also makes things better and quicker for the users by ensuring quality application development.

Here we discussed all the working of BaaS, its features, benefits, and everything else related to it.

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