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Why BBA Is Preferred Course For Students Who Want To Learn Business Administration


After your 12th grade, there’s a vast career world waiting for you with ample opportunities in stock. The greater the number of career options to choose from, the greater is the confusion. Among the huge majority who want to become future doctors and engineers, have you stood out in the choice to become an entrepreneur? If yes, then a Bachelor’s in Business Administration is the perfect undergraduate course to lay the foundation.

Whether you want to play a major role in the operations of a corporate company or kick start your own business, BBA’s gain’s are endless.

About BBA

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) is a professional undergraduate course with a duration of 3 years. It doesn’t matter if you belong to science, commerce, or humanities, BBA accommodates students irrespective of their streams.

Despite having a wide-range of management related courses (BMS. BBM, BBS) to choose from, BBA still tops the list. So why do you think students prefer BBA after their intermediate education? The reasons are plenty, let’s look at a few of them.

1.    Get Professionally Trained  

Professionalism is key to your performance within any organization. Taking up a professional BBA degree course soon after your 12th can make your business fundamentals strong.

  • Unlike other undergraduate programs that are theoretically oriented, BBA gets you trained in handling real-life business situations.
  • Learn about finance, business law, accounting, sales and marketing, business economics, Computer fundamentals, and so on. 
  • After your BBA you are ready to take up several roles in the administration of a business.   
  • You learn to develop an extensive business plan and work it out in a strategic way.
  • Develop abilities to manage risk and make important business decisions.

2.    Enlarge Career Prospects

Basic business principles are common to most industries. As a result, a professional BBA degree holder like yourself will be welcomed with open hands into the job market. Several BBA programs also offer immediate and excellent placements. After your BBA you can: 

  • Seek jobs in huge corporates and the IT industry.
  • Take up employment in sales, retail, share trading, banking, FMCG, and print media.
  • Entry-level managerial positions like cost estimator, sales and supply manager, operations, and loss prevention manager.
  • Work with foreign embassies. 
  • Look for Government jobs.

3.    Build a Foundation for MBA

Candidates from any stream can take up an MBA, But as a graduate in BBA, you have an advantage over others.

  • You are ahead of many applicants as you have prior knowledge of the business domain.
  • The BBA course curriculum is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the MBA.
  • Complex concepts dealt with in an MBA can easily come to you as you have a strong BBA base.
  • With an MBA you get to develop expertise in areas like Human Resource, Marketing, Accounting, or Finance. If you choose an MBA after BBA your core skills are strong to take up any of these programs.
  • With a BBA degree, you have all the necessary practical skills for your MBA.

4.    Gain Financial Independence

Most universities provide BBA programs that are affordable. Due to this, you are not burdened to pay back loans secured for education purposes.

  • Earning a professional BBA degree can offer you good pay as a beginner.
  • At a younger age, you can fend yourself and become economically independent.
  • You can enter the business niche, serve, and grow as you wish and gradually save money for your MBA. As MBA programs are much more expensive a job after BBA can guarantee financial aid.

5.    Personal Growth

Learning to manage business gives you a remarkable sense of confidence. A BBA degree trains you to be fearless to face any business situation. You learn about being responsible, not only to yourself but to others.  It develops your entrepreneur’s zeal and capability to run an individual company. Presentations and projects during your BBA prepare you to speak with determination. You know how to look after a team and even guide them as a leader.

On the whole, you need to keep up with the competition in today’s world. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a career path that trains you right after class 12th. Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned benefits, you can now decide why a BBA degree is the right choice for you. 

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