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Benefits of Remote Work for Employers and Employees


Advantages of Remote Work

Today, remote work has become the standard for most organizations in the world, but years ago, it was normal only for IT-companies. This year, it became a necessary safety measure. 

Even without considering the pandemic, sometimes staff members need to work from home because of illness, bad weather conditions, or for family reasons. That’s why it’s worth considering the many factors that show the usefulness of implementing the remote work format as a long-term arrangement. 

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers for Outsourcing Companies

Software development outsourcing has become an effective way to save money and find the most experienced software engineers worldwide. It is popular in software development, testing, design, and other fields. And now during quarantine, outsourcing companies simply follow their usual working schedule, which means no adjustment period is needed for them to switch to the remote format. 

IT outsourcing companies hire remote workers from different countries since one of the main benefits of outsourcing is money saving. The company doesn’t need to rent an office, equip the workplace, pay a regular salary, and spend money on additional amenities for the staff.

Another advantage of using the services of software outsourcing companies is the possibility to hire experts from all over the world. Even living in a small town, you can organize a successful business by attracting the right specialists from different fields. It is convenient for both remote workers and the company. Besides, you can find a professional team that is ready to start working immediately. Meanwhile, looking for good experts and inviting them to your team one by one can be a long and challenging process. 

Since many software development companies nowadays are ready to create competitive products, you can choose any from an extensive list. Such experienced companies as Melior Games, Gravum, or simply top IT Companies in Dubai are always happy to provide the best results. 

The Main Benefits of Being a Remote Worker

Remote work has become a magic wand in this Covid-19 time. It is already clear that it is a valuable tool not only for companies but also for the team members. Here are just some of the advantages of being an employee of an outsourcing company or simply a remote worker.

Freedom and flexible schedule 

Remote workers value their freedom. They can plan their day and choose the most productive hours for working, even if it’s night or late evening. All of the spare time can be spent with families or dedicated to health and self-development. Besides, working at home allows concentrating on important tasks instead of water-cooler gossip. 

Cost saving

Every month we analyze our income and expenses. We calculate how much we have spent on commuting, parking, buying coffee, tea, lunches, and gifts for colleagues, throwing birthday parties, and buying work-appropriate clothes. All this can come up to quite a big part of the budget. While working remotely, you can save more money for your hobbies, travels, entertainment, and other little things that bring your joy.

Time saving

Working remotely means no long commute. Some employees are more effective in the early morning, and some of them need absolute silence that’s best achieved during night hours. If a staff member doesn’t have to adapt to their colleagues’, employers’, or clients’ time zones, they will be more effective working on their own schedule. Besides, with modern technologies, it’s not a problem to have necessary meetings and conferences online. You can choose best scheduling app online to boost your employees’ remote working process.


One of the main benefits of remote work is the opportunity to do your job from any part of the world. Many employees use this opportunity to move closer to the sea, ocean, mountains, and other beautiful places. This positively influences their mood and helps to work with more efficiency. 


Some tasks can require concentration and silence, but it’s difficult to find a calm and quiet place in the office. That’s why working from home can help with creative thinking and increase productivity.

All these factors help remote employees and outsourcing companies’ staff to be more productive.

How to Organize Remote Workflow

The global pandemic is the time of opportunities for companies that work with their clients online. But the main priority is the proper organization of remote workflow. At this stage, it is crucial to support your qualified experts, provide them with work, and reasonable payment. We don’t know how long the situation will last, that’s why we have to be ready to solve any issues using the most modern technologies. The good news is that they are available from any device if you have a login and a password. 

The most used apps: 

  • messengers (Slack);
  • tracking systems for finding problems and managing projects (Jira or Trello);
  • version control systems (Jit);
  • human resources management tools (Hurma System, BambooHR, Zoho People);
  • corporate learning management systems (Open edX, Blackboard, Moodle);

For fast product development, you need a lot of professional experts in different niches. But the search and adaptation period will take time. The circumstances of being in a pandemic make it even more difficult. That’s why it is better to use the experience of companies that already have an organized remote workflow. For example, Gravum delivers professional software development. The company builds reliable software solutions for businesses, provides software consultations, support services, and development.  Melior Games will be the best choice for developing games. They provide full-service game development, including design or programming for multiplayer and single-player games.

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