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Creating your website can only get you so far. If you want to get anything tangible from launching a business online, you’ll need to do your marketing. And it doesn’t stop with merely having a strategy. You also need some tools that can help you implement these marketing strategies into reality. This article will give you several tools that you can use to advertise your WordPress website

OSI Affiliate Software

Have you ever wanted to create a referral program in just a few clicks? You can now do that with OSI Affiliate. This is a useful software that has unlimited possibilities. From selecting your referral program from its premade templates to readily promoting your program on social media, it covers everything. It knows what your business needs to convince other people to advertise your products and services. It helps you to create more than just your typical referral program. It also allows you to create a more creative program that is worth the attention of your audience. Some of its exciting features include its contest feature, social media sharing, and one-question survey. All of these are designed to encourage more engagements for your referral program. More attention will usually mean more sales, for it can result in more advertisements. 

Lead Guerrilla

If you want to dominate the online marketing scene, you should make your campaigns as flexible as possible. But you can only do that if you have a tool that can help you do that. Lead Guerilla is a tool that can assist you with multiple needs. Not only it helped Drum Set Lab implement their marketing campaigns, but it also has tools for email and landing page management so they can quickly sort through their leads and send the right messages to their target audience. 


If you have taken a look at the popular SEO tools on the market, you’ll find that Ahrefs is a name that comes on top. And it is not just because it is advertised well. It also includes an array of tools that Hunting Bow Lab used to get their website ranked on search engines. Here are just some of the tools that are included in its set:

  1. It has a site audit tool that can look at your website to determine what is wrong with your site and make amendments.
  2. There is a site explorer option to look at the statistics of your website and that of your competitors.
  3. A keyword explorer can find the keywords that your competitors are using to get ranked and how you can use them to get more traffic to your site.  


Along with the change in the digital marketing space comes the birth of several online courses and tutoring businesses. For this, you may need a different solution, and that’s how TutorCruncher can help you:

  1. It has a system that is geared for you to get more students or clients.
  2. It also increases engagement and gets more people talking about your brand.
  3. It has a feature that helps you to track the performance of your students. This way, you’ll know how effective your system is for them.
  4. You’ll have a system where you can receive payments.

It helps you to track and secure all of your payments.  

Wine Management System

Another type of business that needs a different approach is a winery business. Not only do you need to have a system that will allow you to promote your business online. You also need to know how many items you can sell and how your operations are going. With the Wine Management System, you got all of that covered in one convenient software. 


These days, your business cannot stay stagnant. Not only are technologies updating rapidly, but the world is also in a consistent state of innovation. So if you don’t want to get left behind, you should set up a system where your business evolves with the times. Fortunately, that is what WebJaguar can provide for you. It gives you a platform that adjusts based on the needs of your customers.


Unisender is a tool that you can use for more than your typical online business. It is geared towards real estate and mortgage, and it helps keep track of customers and their insurance needs. It is always nice to have a made specifically for your niche, for it has features that are not present in other types of tools. 


You’ll want to work with more than just an autoresponder if you’re going to send responsive emails. You will also need to know how to create the right email designs to foster engagement. Freshmail is a tool that can help you do that. It has built-in templates proven to work, and all you need to do is use them in your business. 


One of the most common problems of business owners is the problem of unopened emails. They may have a huge list, but it is useless unless someone opens an email. No one will be able to read the message, and no one will take action on it. Fortunately, there is AutoMizy. It is a tool that explores why people open emails, and it created a system that results in more email opens. 


One of the quickest ways to get more people to buy your products and services is to conduct a user-generated content campaign. It is done by encouraging your existing customers and website visitors to talk about your products and services on social media. It helps your business because it builds brand awareness and helps your business to reach more people. Many businesses launch a user-generated content campaign when they launch a new product or service. It helps stimulate conversations around their brand. 

With an array of tools that you can use anytime, you now have plenty of ways to automate your marketing online. You don’t have to do it alone. With these tools, you can make your marketing processes more efficient, and you will also be able to track the results of your campaigns. 

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