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Create Breakthroughs by Playing Simulation Games


Far Better than a Business Plan

Starting a disruptive project without playing simulation game such as INNOBALL is like starting a football game, naively believing that the opposite team is not going to show up. But it surely will. You must prepare to win the battles and the war.

Entrepreneurial simulation games are by far more useful than conventional business planning, strategy formulation and project management methods when are to implement a radical project – to commercialize a disruptive innovation, implement a big change or pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity.


An innovative company NPD Co. was willing to invest in its breakthrough invention. They wanted to increase the likelihood of success of the disruptive project, so they invited me, the author of the INNOBALL simulation game, to help them strengthen the project team, the business model and entrepreneurial strategies. We played two INNOBALL games. According to the company’s leaders, this three-days-long exercise helped the company:

  1. Introduce the new product to the market mush faster – around 18 months earlier.
  2. Save US$ 2 million by avoiding a series of costly mistakes.
  3. Strengthen the project team remarkably.

Succeed Beyond Your Aspirations

Most radical projects fail or perform far below the desired level. Entrepreneurial simulation games, such as INNOBALL, will help you not just achieve your goals, but succeed far beyond your aspirations.


INNOBALL is Easy To Play

INNOBALL is easy to play. All you need is a desire to change something and an idea of the first step. Anticipate the challenges you will face having made the first step. Address the most impactful challenge – turn it to an opportunity. Pursue the opportunity – make your second move and anticipate new challenges you would encounter. And so on.

Accelerated Learning by Aspiring Venturepreneurs

INNOBALL can help both make a real-life disruptive project a greater success, and to train aspiring venturepreneurs and get them prepared to address real-life challenges in a most effective way.

INNOBALL is a key part of educative INNOMPIC GAMES – intellectual Olympics – that help participants acquire ventireneurial skills rapidly and joyfully. According to participants and spectators, they learn during 3 days of INNOMPIC GAMES much more than in a year of academic studies.


Many participants of INNOMPIC GAMES established their first startups shortly after returning home – much smarter, mush wiser, and much stronger.

By: Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of 1000ventures and Innompic Games

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