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Dental Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice


Marketing is crucial to the success of any business, and your dental practice is no exception. For your dental practice to grow, you need to follow proven and tested dental marketing ideas. Regardless if you’re new to the dental space or have been helping patients for years, the right marketing can get you a step ahead of the pack.

Unsure where to begin? Below are genius dental marketing strategies you can add to your list:

Boost local SEO by targeting major neighborhoods

Since your dental practice is a local business, targeting your immediate area is essential. If you are based in Richmond and part of the massive San Francisco market, it would be ideal to target inner Richmond if you want your website to rank high for potential patients within the immediate area.

Local SEO involves targeting hyper-local areas for keywords patients are searching for. It also involves optimizing your website for those keywords. If people search for “dentist in inner Richmond,” you need to ensure your website is optimized for that keyword.

Increase social media presence by using personalized content

In 2019 alone, social media already has a staggering 3 billion users! That being said, creating a social media presence for your dental practice can make a world of difference to your digital marketing efforts.

Social media can also give you access to a vast pool of potential patients, aside from being one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with your patients. To encourage further engagement, post interesting and genuine content.

Whether it’s a picture of a cute puppy you have in the office or a video of your most recent team outing, unique and personal content are well-received and loved on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Generate website traffic by answering FAQs on your blog

Content marketing involves bringing visitors to your site through resources like eBooks, blog posts, and FAQ pages. Many potential patients search for answers about their oral health online. For instance, the question “why does my tooth hurt?” receives more than 1,500 searches each month!

Finding frequently asked questions and addressing them through a blog post is a great way to increase organic traffic and gain visibility for those search terms. Content marketing is also a great way to build relationships and engage with visitors, making it easier to turn them into loyal patients.

Create a responsive and well-designed website that represents your brand

Your website is a representation of your dental practice, so it’s vital to have one that’s visually appealing and responsive. Also, with most people spending a lot of time online, it won’t be farfetched to think some people’s first interaction with your practice will be through your website.

Nowadays, at least 51% of users worldwide use their smartphones to access the internet. So the need to create a mobile responsive website should rank high in your list of priorities.

Provide 24/7 online appointment scheduling

Not everyone wastes time on the phone to schedule a dentist appointment. Fortunately, there is no shortage of online appointment scheduling platforms you can use. Online appointment scheduling provides a 24/7 opportunity for new and current patients.

Providing a convenient scheduling option might also entice others to patronize your services because of the utmost ease and convenience you offer.

Consider remarketing ads

Remarketing is not described as “easy money” for nothing. Remarketing works by allowing you to reach individuals who once visited your practice or your website by serving specific ads designed to recapture them.

If you collect email addresses, you can leverage them using Customer Match on Facebook and Google Ads. All you need to do is upload the email addresses so you can create a remarketing audience and craft a quick ad that will entice them to revisit your practice. A reminder for cleaning or whitening would be a good place to start.

Make use of local awareness Facebook Ads

If you want to get word out about your practice, you need to be specific about your marketing. If someone outside your 50-mile radius sees your ad, it won’t do much for your business.

Local awareness ads are designed to reach a local audience. Just use the map card to share locally relevant details about your dental practice (i.e., hours of operation, address, etc.). You can also use a button as your CTA, a quick prompt should they wish to make an appointment.

Get involved with a local non-profit to increase your exposure

Getting involved with the community is always a fantastic way to get your name out there, regardless of your industry. Consider providing dental services to underserved areas or partnering with a local non-profit. If anything, you will not only be able to give back, you’ll also increase your local presence.


While integrating marketing in your dental practice requires time, effort, and sometimes money, the benefits you will enjoy will always outweigh the cost. Use one or a combination of the strategies above, and you’re well on your way to adding more people to your pipeline!

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Shawn Byrne, founder and CEO, started My Digital Dentistry after years of developing and executing successful marketing strategies for Venture Capitalists and business owners in and out of the medical field. He saw a growing need for quality digital marketing specifically in dentistry, and had the foresight to create an agency specializing in understanding and solving the unique problems of dentists and their practices from General Dentists to Endodontists.

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