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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: How To Get Started


For many businesses grappling with the challenges that come with a global pandemic, the next beneficial step would be to take your company online. With business environments changing dramatically and e-commerce growing exponentially, looking into creating a website and digital marketing strategy is a great way to protect your business. Learning how to market your company well online is essential to success, so let’s have a look at the best ways to get started with digital marketing for your small business

Establish Your Goals

Each business model will have completely different goals when it comes to e-commerce, so the best place to start is by establishing exactly what you want to achieve with your marketing. You might want to increase your revenue, build a strong brand, encourage people to enquire about your services, or get people to join your mailing list. Once you have decided what you are looking to achieve, crafting the rest of your digital marketing plan will be much easier. 

Find Your Unique Selling Point

Businesses often get lost online in the world of e-commerce. To get your business noticed, look for something that makes you different and use that on your website, in your ads, and in your content. For example, you might offer free shipping on orders over £20, you might dispatch deliveries the same day or maybe you offer the best value for money in the area. Alternatively, maybe you offer the most up to date training, the quickest installation service or you use the most eco-friendly manufacturer. Finding something to set you apart is really important when it comes to digital marketing

Gather Useful Reviews

If your business has been around for a long time, you are likely to have plenty of positive reviews that will help to endorse your company. If you don’t, why not offer customers a 10% discount on their next purchase if they leave you a review. Reviews are really useful as they give potential customers confidence in your product, so make use of them on your website and social media. Your customer may really like your product but isn’t sure whether to take a risk, so providing consistently positive reviews might be the thing that pushes them to make the purchase!

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

When it comes to digital marketing, having a website that loads quickly is essential for users to have a positive experience. Online consumers have so many options, so if your site won’t load quickly, they will simply click off it and try somewhere else. So, when you’re creating your website or working with a site developer, focus on getting the basics right. Ensure your website loads quickly in every possible format, especially mobile! This will help to reduce your bounce rate and encourage users to spend time on your site, and hopefully buy your product or service. 

Create Relevant and Interesting Blog Content

Having interesting content containing the keywords that your customers are searching for will help you to appear higher up Google’s search results pages. Content is a huge part of digital marketing and can be done well without a huge budget. Start by doing some keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner which will help you to see exactly which terms your target audience is searching for. Then, when you are writing page content or blogs for your website, include these keywords in a natural way. If you overload content with these keywords, Google will see it as spammy. So, just create informative, useful, and exciting content for your customers including these keywords and you should start to notice an increase in traffic to your site. The more relevant the content is to what your audience is searching for, the more likely it is that site visits will convert into purchases!

Try Google Ads

If you have a slightly bigger budget, investing some of your money into paid advertising with Google Ads can be a good way to kick-start your digital marketing campaign. To do this, complete your keyword research as discussed previously by finding the keywords or phrases that your audience is searching for. You can then bid for your website to appear at the top of the results page in the paid results section. This is known as pay-per-click, or PPC, as each time someone clicks on your site, you will be charged the price you bid. Be careful here, as high bids aren’t enough to help you appear at the top. Your site also has to be relevant to the term the user has searched for. So, create relevant content for your target audience as discussed above, and support that content with paid ads. 

Trust indicators for any business website

No matter what niche you operate in, there are some aspects of a good website that adds trust to a company. A good news is the number of these “trust triggers” is well defined. Check the article with a ready-to-go cheklist of trust triggers for any website.


There are so many opportunities for you to seize online in order to build your business and boost revenue. Our lives revolve around us being online, so you have the potential to reach a huge new audience if you invest some time and money in creating a strong digital marketing strategy. Things are constantly changing online, so never be afraid to revise your plan to suit new changes and trends!

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