5 Convincing Reasons Each Writer Should Go Camping


Writing is a highly creative and demanding job. Being a writer means being able to dig deep into yourself and find the right words to transport your ideas, visions, or thoughts to the readers the right way. Just like with any other job, writers too face all kinds of challenges. In order to overcome those challenges, writers should find ways to reconnect with themselves and recharge their batteries.

Camping is one of the best choices a writer can make. If you’re in need of some fresh energy to continue with your writing, consider going camping as soon as possible. Here are 5 convincing reasons why each writer should go camping.

Let’s break it down together.

1. Disconnecting

Just think of your typical workday.

From the moment you open your eyes and turn your phone on, it starts buzzing and vibrating. There are emails, messages, and notifications.

There are people who need you to answer their calls and respond to their requests.

This busy lifestyle can soon cause problems such as stress, anxiety, and tension. This is why camping fits into the story perfectly.

Camping will help you:

  • disconnect from all your devices
  • rest your mind
  • enjoy some quality alone time
  • reconnect with nature

Spending time outdoors, without the internet and electronic devices will give your mind a break that it needs so badly.

2. Finding Inspiration

Writers need to be inspired and motivated so as to produce some quality writing. But, what happens if you struggle with writer’s block?

If you feel like there’s nothing more you can give and all your ideas have been drained out, you should definitely go camping to find some inspiration.

 Spending time in nature and enjoying outdoor activities will help you:

  • clear your mind
  • relax
  • make way to new ideas
  • get motivated to work even better

A rested mind is the best thing you can do for yourself so try camping as a form of restarting your creative process.

3. Being Active

As a writer, you tend to sit a lot. You stare at your computer with your neck slightly bent down and your hands typing for hours. This can take a toe on your physical health and cause back, neck, and posture problems.

Therefore, you need to engage in a healthy amount of physical activity and get your body moving. And, camping might just be a perfect choice.

Camping includes:

  • walking
  • hiking
  • gathering tree branches for the fire
  • setting up the tent
  • playing outdoor sports with your friends

You’ll get a significant amount of physical activity and feel better about yourself and your body so start packing.

4. Reconnect With Friends & Family

Today, most people, including writers, live hectic lifestyles and spend most of their energy on their jobs. This leads to weakened social relationships and disconnection between people.

But, we are social beings and we need to spend quality time with the people we love.

Luckily, camping can help you reconnect with friends and family:

  • you spend time together in a small space
  • you work together to set up the camp
  • you enjoy all kinds of activities together

Being with those you love is essential for your personal life. Taking a break from work and spending time with friends and family is a necessity.

5. Change Your Pace

Sometimes, we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to be able to experience something truly amazing.

Camping changes the pace of your life. Suddenly, you need to make your food, light a fire, set your sleeping area, and use skills you otherwise wouldn’t be using. It’s a great way to test your limits and build courage.

Stepping out of your routine will help you:

  • test your endurance
  • gain self-confidence
  • work on your independence

As a writer, it’s really important that you believe in yourself and dare to try something different.

Camping will teach you how to try the things you’ve never tried before and tackle the obstacles with courage. You’ll feel these benefits even as a first-time camper.

Final Thoughts

As a writer, you need to think about your mental and physical health. It’s very important that you give yourself a break every once in a while, and use your free time to enjoy life.

Camping is a fun, healthy activity that you need to start practicing on a regular basis. Give it a try and you’ll see how great it is for your mind and body.

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