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Double Your Conversion Rate: Top Proven eCommerce Conversion Hacks


“The success of an eCommerce business lies in higher conversions.” Well said!

A usual query that’s mostly asked, “How can we improve conversions of online retailers?”. Well, if you have also struck with the same question, then you are on the right page.

Today, we are here to pull you out. We will let you know how to boost your eCommerce conversion rate. Before that let’s start with the introduction of conversion rate, for the one who doesn’t know about or have confusion.

What is the Conversion Rate?

The number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors is the Conversion Rate.

Let’s take an example – If an eCommerce store gains 200 visitors in a month and holds 50 sales, the conversion rate would be the result of 50 divided by 200, which is 25%.

A conversion may be referred to as any desired action that the user takes as per your expectation. This may include anything, from a click to making a purchase and transforming into a customer.

Unfolding the Exact State

Well, we would like to open up a little secret, in front of you. There are 47 billion websites that are rooted currently around the Internet, and yours’, it is just ‘one’ among them. With a rough estimate, let you know that this embraces 1.3 million eCommerce websites that hold their base in the US. Out of these, 6,50,000+ eCommerce sites earn just $1 million or less from web sales.

Websites like yours are attempting hard to showcase their content and product in front of the right audience to convince people to pick, engage, or buy.

We believe that the average conversion rates lie between 2-3%. So, if you have that zeal to compete, you need to stand uniquely.

Usual Issue Occur with eCommerce Business

Suppose, you have an engaging website and amazing products to display. Moreover, you work hard on the strategies also. Then with the passing time, gradually you started having normal to little traffic. This is a major issue, but the concern arises when that little traffic doesn’t transform into your customers.

Therefore, from what we have learned, attempted, and tested, we have emerged with a list of top eCommerce conversion hacks that are proven, and will surely help you in increasing your conversion rates and make your eCommerce store flooded with loads of sales.

  • Target Product Popularity

This is one of the ultimate hacks to double your conversion. Now, the question is how to highlight the popularity of the product in your eStore?

Most of the well-recognized eCommerce brands follow this tip on every page of the product and show the number of carts holding that product. This instills a sense of the popularity of the product and the customers feel that it’s the right product to pick and this way they get assistance while purchasing.

  • Speed in a Major Need

Two seconds! Yes, if your website takes more than two seconds to load, approximately 53% of your consumers lose interest.

In fact, a delay of just a second may also lead to a 7% degradation in conversions.

Let’s take an example: An eCommerce website that attains $5,00 every day, may face a $125,000 loss in revenue even by a delay of only a second.

So, we may notice that waiting a long time for a site to load may be frustrating in this age of swift gratification. It’s better to lower down the load time and enhance the conversion, right?

  • Store Content may be Less but should be Strong

According to a report, the eCommerce companies that hold strong content have a lower bounce rate of approximately 21% less as compared to a few that don’t hold.

So, the main point of concern here is that you may keep the quantity of content quite less, but it should be interactive, appealing, and highly convertible.

  • Partner with SEO and CRO

Apart from driving traffic to your page, keyword optimization assists us in many more ways.

When you employ SEO and CRO together, you catch up on the caliber to enhance both conversions and traffic. This is perfect for an eCommerce website. And, you don’t need to sacrifice any one of these.

SEO (search engine optimization) optimizes content for search engines to attain a higher rank for your website.

CRO (conversion rate optimization) optimizes content for customers and users with the target of driving them to accomplish the call-to-action.

But, performing with both together is not an easy job.

You might have noticed some content fails to be read because of SEO attempts. The only target of such kind of websites is to drive traffic first and forget about the user experience.

If you need to optimize SEO and CRO together, you require to alter three things that lay stress on the ranking algorithm of Google, on-page SEO and keywords, user and content quality, and data usage.

There exist various keyword research tools, like Google Keyword Planner that improve your SEO and win visitors to the website. Also, after you achieve more visitors to your site, next you will require to use CRO tools, such as Google Analytics to be sure that your on-page copy is crafted for conversion.

So, it’s better to take enough and require time to build the best copy, resultantly, you will earn increased conversions.

  • Have Best Quality Pictures of Product with Zooming Option

Well, almost every eCommerce brand knows about this common feature according to which a store should showcase high and best quality images of the product.

Approximately, 70% of the customers keep the zooming function of the images as their top priority while they make purchases.

Only having the zooming option would not be sufficient. An extra benefit would be to showcase high-quality images of the products. If the photos are of low quality, the zoom will fail to assist the visitors to turn into customers.

  • Be Responsive

Well, we all know that when your website automatically “responds” to fit the best in any device that is in use, is known as responsive design. If you have attained the same then, this will improve the user experience by lowering the requirement to scroll, resize, or pan. Pages should be loaded rapidly, and the visitors require to hold the caliber to perform what they want to perform on your website, on their mobile. Considering a “mobile-first” website design approach for your eCommerce website is the key. And, as Google is moving onto mobile-first indexing, your website will need to take a mobile-first design approach or would lose in the rankings.

In fact, it is predicted that mobile eCommerce will achieve 50% of the market by the end of this year, 2020. So, you can’t afford to miss mobile users, it’s as simple as that.

Without this, conversion rates lag desktop conversion rates. This is because websites are not optimized for mobile eCommerce.

  • Append Easy Filter Functionality

Whether your eCommerce brand is new or you already hold a famed position, you require to learn that every customer holds a distinct size, choice, and style.

According to research, only 16% of the fashion eCommerce brands hold a “reasonably good” filtering experience. So, it becomes important to enhance your filtering options whether you belong to the fashion industry or not.

You can perform the following:

  • Look at the top eCommerce stores as you are up to build yours also.
  • Learn about the pain points of the customers while filtering the options and next, plan it perfectly.

Not all the top eCommerce brands hold the filter features that your target audience may seek for.

  • Upgrade your Copy

The internet is a place that offers visuals. But, still, we need to craft some stellar copy. Copy handles three of the biggest challenges that an eCommerce site faces: driving action, informing visitors, and fostering relationships.

Obviously, you require people to read your copy that is not an easy and small job. Depending on a study, it’s expected that a huge number of visitors will just scan your website, despite reading it. Typically, the scanning pattern is ‘F’ shaped. So, your copy should be captivating and formatted in such a way that it should magnetize the scanners. Your important information should be given the top position to be displayed and you should also allow subheadings that permit the scanners to identify the sections easily that are essential for them.

One more way to enhance your copy is to hold your target customers in mind. And, if you already have created the personas of your customer, next, you will need to stop anything else and perform the right thing. Also, you can go ahead to updating your word choices to improve your copy quickly. Make use of works that invite action and instill a robust response. For example: mind-blowing and stunning, such words should be given a green signal, despite words like cool.

  • Add Visual & Audio Search Option

Obviously, the search functionality of the website is mandatory. But, it needs the latest trends and technology that states to hold audio and visual search functionalities.

Voice search is trending nowadays, and therefore, it becomes important for your eStore to have it. Many top fashion eCommerce brands are clutching this functionality, and therefore you should incorporate it to boost the conversions like anything.

  • Permit Visual

As we told earlier, the Internet is a visual place. You need to embrace high-quality images of your products. Such images will offer perspective to your visitors and so include clicks of your product in use and that too solo.

If you want to lay an impact on potential customers, embrace video. A short video of the product offers customers an opportunity to look at the way your product moves. Also, it bestows a chance to use voice to convey real passion and excitement about the product with no dependence on exclamation points.

  • Have Mobile-Friendly Website

Oh yes! This is a must-have hack to develop a robust customer base on mobile. Now, mobile is chosen the most for online shopping.

By the next year, 2021, mobile eCommerce may achieve USD 3.5 trillion. Therefore, if you need to be the one to grab the attention, you require to have a mobile-friendly website. Today, almost every eCommerce store has its mobile application, so you should also be ahead by holding a mobile-friendly site. Or, if you are a newbie, you should hold a plan to incorporate a mobile application for your eStore.

  • Sleek Navigation

If you want your visitors to get a seamless and smooth experience on your website and want them to succeed in finding what they want, your search bar should stand out.

On average, approximately 30% of eCommerce website visitors will use the search functionality of the website. And, more importantly, visitors who come up with what they are looking for turn into your customers.

Commonly, site navigation is located beside the top or the left side of the desktop websites.

For mobile websites, the hamburger menu is seen commonly in the top left corner.

Let’s first talk about categories. There should not be a single spot to find a product, that can get fit into various subcategories. Let’s take an example – If a visitor searches for a Fitbit in “wearable technology”, but you hold it in your “fitness trackers” category then, the visitor may think that you don’t have the product. Resultantly, your customer will never turn to your website again.

So, your eCommerce website builder or plugin should provide comparatively painless ways to perform this. WooCommerce offers information relevant to “handling product taxonomies” in their product documentation. Also, it’s easy to make export Shopify to WooCommerce with LitExtension automated tool.

Different eCommerce website plugins and builders hold distinct analytics, so you need to check before using which specific tool you need.

This can offer invaluable information related to what visitors are searching for and the way they are choosing to navigate your website. Obviously, you also require website enhancements depending on the data.

  • Provide Social Proof by Revealing Ratings and Reviews

Are you aware of the thing that appending product reviews and ratings by other customers can enhance your conversion rates?

That’s perfect, by embracing product ratings and genuine reviews of customers, one can boost your conversions, significantly. They offer the assurance to your customers that the decision they are finalizing is right.

On eCommerce stores, to append a product review, you can employ a product review plugin, such as WordPress Product Review.

It permits you to add images easily, star ratings, and pros and cons to any post. You can use it to accumulate user submitted ratings and reviews, and even expose them in a sidebar widget.

  • Offer Incentives to Hold Engaged Visitors

Most of your visitors may be interested in your items but fail to make a decision. To transform such engaged visitors into customers, you may require to offer a discount like an incentive.

You may offer an exceptional discount code only to the returning visitors, or only to people who have viewed a specific number of pages in your store.

  • Use Exit-Intent Pop-Ups for Abandoned Carts

Did you know, on average, about 70% of visitors leave your website and never return?

You can catch their attention just before they leave and provide them a perfect deal.

You can use an exit-intent popup and offer them outstanding discounts or free shipping who are about to exit your eStore without buying anything.

Moreover, you can append exit-intent popups to the checkout page, as it assists to lower down cart abandonment. If the visitors have products in their cart and are all set to exit your website without even checking out, a popup will come in front of their eyes making them remind of those products.

  • Use Gamification Principle to Boost Sales

To enhance your conversions, you can employ another eCommerce hack to append a spin-the-wheel popup on your eStore. This hack performs the best as it uses the gamification principle. It may enhance the ease of use and improve entire enjoyment for a perfect user experience.

You can provide prizes, such as free shipping, discounts, and other deals to your visitors. All they need to do is fill-up their email address and next, spin the wheel, to try their luck.

  • Highlight your Return Policy

Your guarantee and return policies should be at the front and center. Various eCommerce stores don’t offer such policies. More than 50% of the customers will first read the return policy before they buy, so be sure that your policies are clear, honest, and concise.

One of the major drawbacks of purchasing online is losing the caliber to try or touch the item you are buying.

Your customers need to know that you will take care of them if the item is not up to their expectations. When you are straightforward with your guarantee and return policies, customers are more confident and comfortable. Next, they will be more likely to complete their purchase.

  • Be Best at Product Description

The enhanced detail you offer in your product description, it’s better. Customers need to know exactly what you are providing and whether or not it suits their requirements before they will become comfortable purchasing it.

You should embrace all the basic item details, such as color, size, weight, and more. But, also you can talk about the story lying behind the product and the ways to improve your customers’ lives. Offer them a picture of before and after so they can target themselves with your item.

  • Offer Free Shipping

People just want free shipping, and approximately half of eCommerce websites out there are happy to offer.

If you don’t want to follow such, then you can set a price limit to which the customer needs to reach to get free shipping and purchase that.

If you don’t want to follow such tips, you should mention it at the front, adding it during checkout is likely to lose your sale.

  • Include Customer Exposure on Your Store

This is the next eCommerce hack, here you can employ social proof to enhance your conversions to append customer showcases to your eStore, featuring the photos of customers utilizing your products.

For instance – if you are selling clothing online, you can feature the customers revealing their distinct styles while wearing your items. It offers social proof to your visitors and assists in increasing your conversions.

To exhibit the content, you can ask your purchasers to share their images while using your products, Also, you can run a contest on social media to accumulate content and showcase the pictures of participants on your website.

After you complete the optimization of your store for the conversion, it’s imperative to look at the checkout process.

  • Use a Sale-Ending Timer for scarcity and to Create Urgency

One of the easiest and quickest ways to double the conversions is by showcasing limited-time offers along with countdown timers.

Countdown timers are perfect at crafting scarcity and urgency among the users and increase the conversion rate of your eStore. You can also append a timer for a flash sale ending soon, or when the stock is soon to run out.

  • Opt for Short Checkout Form

On your online store, the final phase of purchasing is the checkout process. But, if your checkout form is much lengthy, customers are expected to abandon their carts and exit without checkout.

An effective and simple hack to resolve this issue is to lower down the number of fields on your checkout form. You would need your customers to input the minimum information and buy your products.

  • Highlight Security

Nowadays, cybersecurity is much in use. A few names of the brands came into focus where they caught data breaches and malware at the payment systems of eStores.

The average price of a data breach per record is $172. So, this may cost you if you fail to hold your data for every credit card compromised.

As your customers trust you with their data, you should pay attention and keep it safe. Data breaches and hacks break off the confidence of online shoppers to whom you ask to enter credit card information.

So, you need to become all set with a well-recognized website security provider and show clearly their seal on your website.

SSL certificates offer quick security and offer customers ease as the encryption methods make sure that their data is secured always.

More than half of consumers just employ websites with SSL security while shopping online. Also, shifting from HTTP to HTTPS will offer a little boost to your Google rankings.

  • Easy Checkout Option for Guests

Most of the top eCommerce brands permit their customers to check out being guests. Such eCommerce companies are much successful in using this conversion hack.

Most of the eCommerce stores make it so clean and perfect in appearance that every customer holds its choice whether to sign-in, log-in, or checkout being a guest.

Now, you might have a question: why should we permit our customers to make purchases without signing-up?

Well, your question is valid. According to statistics, retail eCommerce sales are anticipated to reach USD 4.88 trillion. This states each of our customers would be a customer of another shopping portal and keeping login credentials in mind is also hard for them. And, permitting them to checkout as guests can assist them in staying loyal to you, despite holding their account on your eStore.

Therefore, you also need to permit your customers to checkout without logging-in or signing-up.

  • Offer Multiple Payment Options

One of the popular issues eCommerce store owners strike-through is holding various payment options. This lowers the conversion rate of their site, as people fail to find the payment option as they want.

By offering various payment options, you catch the customers from exiting a sale. Also, the perfect way to append options is by employing an eCommerce platform. Using the platform, you can accept payments through credit card, PayPal, debit card, more.

On WordPress, when you set WooCommerce, the installation wizard will ask you to append payment methods for your eStore. Set various options as you can to help transform your customers.

  • Exhibit Safety Badges to Offer Trustworthy Feeling

When online shopping is the main concern, customers choose websites that are secure and safe. You can enhance your conversions by enhancing the trustworthy nature of your eCommerce store. Also, a simple hack to perform that is, to append security badges.

Moreover, you can append security seals on checkout pages, footer, and product pages of your homepage.

Also, security firms provide a WordPress plugin that you can employ to append a trust seal anywhere on your site.

  • Boost your Sales Section

Who doesn’t cherish a good sale? Some people will prefer buying things, even if they don’t need it, because the sale magnetizes them. So, it’s best to attract them and be sure that your deal seekers may find what they are looking for, immediately.

Promote your sales section as much as possible as the sale is the best way to increase the revenue of your eCommerce businesses.

  • Make your Website’s Search and Recommendations, Strong

A mobile eCommerce study found that website search was the most picked method for finding the products.

Although, 70% of the searches failed to return related products to the user. Strong research functionality is important for conversion. You can craft design alterations to attract more attention to the search function.

Moreover, filters can also be appended to suit your website’s search functionality.

Search bars are perfect for customers who exactly know what they are searching for, filters are best for customers who hold a general idea but require a bit extra guidance.

Apart from search and filter functionality, eCommerce websites can employ recommendations to enhance sales, or if the recommendations are good, customer trust can be increased.

Recommendations and searches can offer a chance to reveal your customers the similar things they may like, and resultantly boost your sales, but you require to be strategic.

Your result page should appear with at least something. If the search term is not found, your search feature should reveal similar items to the customers. Never allow your customer to walk away with empty hands.

  • Append Value to your CTA Copy

Your eCommerce website will hold various Call-to-action (CTA).

Such are the elements on your website that offer a direction to the visitors’ attention and guide them on the path and action that should be taken next. You can employ text, but some tinted buttons will serve you better for sure.

Wrapping Lines

There exist various tips that you may know very well, that help you in improving your conversion rate. That’s fine. If you start acting on just a few of such eCommerce conversion hacks, trust us, you will soon witness positive ROI.

So, you may start with a simple one, like enhancing your website’s speed before you jump to renovate your visuals and copy. Finally, applying one modification every week or say every month, will truly make a difference, which will speak in your eCommerce conversion rates.

Try some manageable ways to locate the areas that require improvement despite attempting to make various sweeping modifications altogether. You can make your eCommerce business lie or die that depends entirely on the effectiveness of your site. You will get to know the performance status of your site, from the data of your website, if it suits perfectly to the desires of potential customers. You hold the strength to uplift your website above 1.3 million websites that are attempting hard to gain attention.

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