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eCommerce SEO – a Complete Step-by-Step Guide (2020)


This step by step guide to eCommerce SEO for those who want to increase their organic traffic from search engines.

Many E-commerce businesses focus on highly competitive keywords.

Let’s assume you are selling men’s shoes and you want to start selling over the internet. Then you want to rank for men’s shoes obviously.

But, Men’s shoes term is a highly competitive keyword. You can’t compete with big brands for this keyword. You can check this SERP result. 

So what’s now? 

We can’t compete with highly competitive keywords(Branded) but we can compete with smaller competitive keywords.

That will be our alternative. so we will focus on less competitive keywords for a product and category pages.

Let’s start a guide for Ecommerce SEO

Keyword research – Ecommerce Sites SEO

Like all SEO campaigns, this Ecommerce SEO campaign also starts with keyword research.

But how can you find a keyword for an ecommerce website?

First, grab all your pages.

Find keywords for every page. It is a simple technique for every keyword research. 

But in eCommerce sites, you have two types of pages. The first one is the category pages and product pages. So during keyword research, there are slightly different approaches to finding a keyword.

First, we will give a priority to the pages and after that, we will find a keyword for that page.

We will find a head keyword for a shoes business. If you use SEO tools that will help to find keywords.

Like, men’s shoes and shoes for men will be the head term. 

And formal men’s shoes, loafer men’s shoes, party wear men’s shoes all like that will be long-tail keywords. And you have to also look for search intent. When you type men’s shoes in google which sites are ranking and which pages are shown in SERP. Watch for how many pages are branded and which types of pages are shown ex..category page or the product page.

Find keywords for every page and watch for search intent. And add all this data in excel file. That will help to make perfect datasheets for SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO – Ecommerce Sites SEO

Now we have an excel file with keywords for every page. So implement this keyword on every page.

2.1 Meta Titles, Descriptions, 

Every ecommerce website uses templates for their meta title descriptions. But It is also often because writing a hundred pages meta title and description is a very tough job.

So what can we do?

We can do this task easily with creativity. We have already prioritized our pages so we write a title and meta description for all the important pages and for other pages we will use templates. While using templates make sure you use a different template format for every category or subcategory. 

And also in the H1 tag use a category page and a product name. but only use one-time H1 tag in pages.

2.2  Shorten URLs

Optimizing URLs are very important in eCommerce. If you have seen an eCommerce website URL slug then you might know. how it looks. 

So you have to put clear and readable URLs in your websites.


Source: webibazaar (category page) (subcategory page) (sub-subcategory page) (product page)

Now you get that right.

Tips for optimizing a URL:

Use a short URL;

Include a head keyword;

Use hyphens (-) to separate words;

Avoid URL parameters (where possible)

2.3  Write Product & Category Descriptions

You have to do a lot of work for writing a product and category descriptions. It must have unique content. Don’t use a manufacturer product description. Don’t copy-paste for every product page in category. Then you might not rank higher in SERP.

Give more time in writing a description.

Write great content for every product and all unique. What customers want when they come to your pages. Which types of details they want. Go deep in the product description. And use a primary keyword,long-tail keyword in description.

2.4 Schema Markup

Schema markup defines your page’s information to the search engine. Which types of page you have like you have a blog on a website or a product page or category page etc.

Go to the website of the schema markup. There are different types of properties for the products page. I recommended some of the main properties here which you have to add on the product page.

Schema markup properties name, image, description, aggregate rating, price.

  1. Technical SEO – Ecommerce Sites SEO

Most eCommerce websites have a technical issue. 

To do that you can use a search console. or you can use SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush for the site audit. A site audit will show all the problems on your websites.

There are plenty of errors for your eCommerce website. And I am discussing important issues here.

3.1 Duplicate Content Issues

It is the main issue in every eCommerce site. Because of automatically generated URLs. Those similar pages are from category pages with a different type of filters. Or maybe a different category but the same product.

How can you solve this?

You can do this by programming.

Give meta tags to every automatically generated URLs from filters and categories to noindex. Like this one:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”>

3.2 Find an Orphaned Pages

Orphaned pages are those pages that have not a single incoming link to the page.

Find orphaned pages and look on your website pages. Where you can give links and connect them.

You have to also look for the deep pages on your website.if your important pages are 3 clicks deeper than its a problem. You might have to rebuild a website structure and watch clicks for important your important pages will no more than 3 clicks deeper. 

  1. Link Building – Ecommerce Sites SEO

Link building is a very important factor for ranking. Not only for the SEO campaigns but also for eCommerce sites.

But how can you get backlinks?

My answer is a competitor’s analysis.

Find two or three competitors in your business. Find their backlinks. You can use Ahrefs and Semrush for that.

 Look how your competitor gets links means use a Guest posting or a great content or affiliate links. Basis of them reach out to them and tell them to link to your site.

It is the best and fastest way to get links. While making a backlink, look for a DA and their organic traffic. High DA is the best link for your eCommerce sites.

Never do a Black hat while making a backlink because maybe you will rank higher for some time but one day google will find this and they will remove your site from ranking and maybe you will not rank for any keywords.

Content marketing is the best way to make backlinks and get potential customers to your sites. But you need to create unique and in-depth content for a particular product or category.

How can you do content marketing?

First look for which content is getting medium traffic and get a lot of backlinks. If you find in your business-related niche then grab all backlinks of them and create great and unique content. Don’t copy-paste from them.

For getting a content idea you can use a Buzzsumo and for backlinks use Ahref.

While writing content you should focus on users who will read this and what they want when they come here. How you can solve their problem or how you can give the best knowledge that you have… think this way and you will get the idea. 

Then send a mail to those who are linking to that topic and ask them to link to your pages.

It is the best way to make a backlink.

Lastly, I want to tell you that ecommerce SEO is all about what your customers want and how search engines see your website. 

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