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What Is Employee Engagement? Ways to Skyrocket It to Maximize Productivity


Every time when you talk about the development of the organization, increasing productivity, or even when you are considering the implementation of any new software or technology, have you overlooked something called employee engagement? The answer is definitely, “No,” isn’t it? This is because every decision that we make for our business, it’s become mandatory to think if it will help the organization in engaging the employees.

Have you ever wondered “why so”? What exactly is this employee engagement? Why is it so important? If the ultimate aim of any organization is to maximize the profit, has employee engagement got anything to do with it? If so – how? This is what we’ll discuss in this article. For the same, let’s break the topic into two. Firstly, let’s try to have a basic understanding of employee engagement and then its relation to productivity. 

Meaning and Importance of Employee Engagement

There are many meanings and definitions given by different industrialists, CEOs, Human Resource Fundamentalists, etc., as to what employee engagement means And it is also concluded that none of them can be denied as well as none of them can comprise the entire significance of the concept. However, almost everyone has agreed upon some common grounds as to what it means.

Employee engagement is a recent approach that acts as an important tool in helping the organization to keep its employees committed and dedicated. It motivates the workforce to give their best in order to achieve the organizational goals. Though employee engagement was coined recently, it has evolved to be an integral part of the business. 

In a broad sense, employee engagement can be defined as the extent to which the workforce is committed to the organization with enthusiasm and the effort that they put in or ready to put in, no matter what. Still, the only motive is to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. The image below shows the statistic on what betterment employee engagement could offer you when proper consideration is made. 

Image source

As the above image clearly specifies the employee engagement contributes to different aspects of the business. Firstly, it increases profitability; secondly, there is a reasonable increase in productivity; thirdly, the risk of uncertainties and unpreferred accidents are witnessed to decrease almost by half that usually happens. Then, you’ll find a drastic decrease in the absenteeism rate. This is not all; apart from the ones mentioned above, the other benefits of developing an atmosphere that enhances employee engagement are as follows:

  • Employee retention
  • Improved morale
  • Contributes to the loyalty of the employee
  • Happy and satisfied employees
  • Positive vibes at the workplace
  • Enhances the quality of work
  • Better customer service

What’s the Influence of Employee Engagement on Productivity?

As mentioned earlier, one of the major benefits of employee engagement is the increase in productivity. It is said that employee engagement and productivity go hand-in-hand. But it must also be noted that all engaged employees are productive, but all productive employees may not be engaged.

However, when companies are focused on profitability, there is a need for their employees to be productive. Here the question arises, if keeping the employees can boost productivity, how can we engage the employees? What are the ways that employee engagement is possible?

Indeed, it may not be as simple as any of us can make it sound. But, it’s quite challenging as it’s mostly to deal with individuals who are different and unique in almost every aspect.

Although it’s challenging, it’s not impossible. When the right methods are adopted, it will surely work out for better results. Well, as you continue to read, you will find some of the most effective tips to make sure your employees are engaged with your organization.

Improve employee skills with training

Most of the organizations invest in providing training to the employees. The training enhances the skills that already exist among the employees. Because of the impact that these training sessions have created on the employees, many organizations have improvised their L&D planning and implementation. 

Thus, a report says that most of the employees are very happy to upskill themselves and are satisfied with the organization that has made an effort in providing the training.

Happy employees always try to give their best to the organization. Thus, they contribute to an increase in productivity.

Encourage autonomy avoiding micromanaging

How many of us would like to be monitored all the time? I’m sure none of us want to be. Similarly, a well-known productivity expert named Robby Slaughter, in an interview, mentioned that backing off of managers, for the time being, can be an effective tool in ensuring productivity. His answer, indeed, has surprised us all. But his suggestion has been proved right when an organization tried to implement the same.  

In case if you’re not entirely convinced with the fact, another suggestion would be to let the employees monitor themselves, and their co-workers maybe in turns. This will build a positive competency, responsibility, and encourage the employees to give their best to the organization. Isn’t this a better way to keep your employees engaged as well as to maximize productivity?

Increase employee satisfaction by giving them great perks

Many pieces of research have proven that for employees who take a break every one or two hours, there is increased productivity from their side. A number of companies have recently begun new strategies in order to make sure that the employees are engaged. This includes a relaxation room, nap room, provision of tea or coffee, sometimes even to listen to music, etc. These are considered perks provided by the organization to its employees.

Obviously, when the workforce sees the efforts and the interest shown by the organization on them, it really would fill them with a lot of responsibility and enthusiasm to work more. And if you get this right, you will and implement well; you’ll find the vast difference and increased productivity as well as how committed your employees can turn out to be towards your organization. 

The image below will help us in understanding this better.

Image source

Take advantage of technology

How can we ever forget the fact that we are working in an era of Millenials? And technology is at its peak, working extra-ordinarily. And it seems that there is no end to its growth. Technology is a need of today’s generation. Many organizations are already adapting various technologies to simplify their tasks. 

For instance, there is an increase in companies dealing with HR software in India. Whether your organization has a technical background or not, it still requires to be updated with the development. When the right choice of technology and its implementation is made, it also widely contributes to employee engagement.  

Apart from engaging the employees, the technology with its various tracking tools has challenged the workforce in their productivity. And thus, technology and employee engagement together have positively affected the productivity factor directly. When it’s available and can be so beneficial, then what are we waiting for? 

Recognize, appreciate, and incentivize your employees 

All of us are aware of how competitive and challenging businesses are turning out to be. In this scenario, it’s also essential that we are considerate about the employees who are striving to help you achieve your organization’s goal. To make sure that they are happy and content, working in your organization is mandatory. 

But, when we talk about satisfying the employees, we also need to understand that not all employees are focused on monetary benefits alone. It’s a whole different idea that’s witnessed now. Employees are more satisfied and motivated when they get recognition for what they have done and achieved. 

The recognition, appraisals, and appreciation received in front of all the staff of the organization makes them feel much more engaged and encouraged to work and contribute their best. And then finally comes the incentives, which also plays a role in employee satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, satisfied and happy employees are always engaged, and the engaged employees will definitely be productive in their tasks. 

Listen and prioritize your employees’ suggestions

This tip can be the most effective among many other methods. Because this directly deals with the employees and management. Give proper consideration when there are any feedbacks and suggestions from the employees. When you do so, it fills your employees with a sense of belonging towards the organization.

Listening and prioritizing the feedback from the employees is vital because, since they are the ones who are constantly in the field of work, it may happen that they may have the most appealing suggestions in carrying out a task. Whether you want to agree to the suggestions or not is secondary. Still, even the fact that you have shown an interest in listening to them creates a positive impression on the organization. Thus, it helps them be engaged as well as productive.

In case if you are still not convinced that engaging your employee is a vital part, the image below represents graphically the need for you to take the concept more seriously.

Image source


Employee engagement isn’t something that can be overlooked, especially when we are working with Millennials, who are more demanding and the ones with the capability of contributing more. How we make the right strategies for mutual benefit depends on the organization. Though it may seem that the effort and investment made to keep the employees engaged isn’t necessary, you witness that none of the efforts made will go in vain in the longer run. 

Therefore, the choice is still yours. Make the right choice to implement the right strategies that assure your organization’s development. Despite the struggles, you face externally from your competitors and others, make sure you have more substantial support from your employees. They can truly be a pillar of support and a great asset to your organization.

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