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Tips for Designing a Beautiful but Functional Fence for Your Business


A major part of business appeal and security is the exterior design. Your business front needs to be inviting, but also safe to protect both your employees and your property. When it comes to your company’s facilities, it’s important to keep them as safe as possible. One great way to do this is to add fencing around the perimeter of your property. This can help to delineate boundaries, keep out intruders, and help your employees feel safer. Just because a fence is functional, though, doesn’t mean it needs to be ugly. Your fence should stick to your business’s budget and need to grow, and there are many ways to do this. To help ensure that your fence adds to the aesthetic appeal of your facility, here are a few tips for designing a beautiful but function fence for your business.

Consider the Purpose

The first step in designing a beautiful fence for your facility is to consider its purpose. If you work in a high-security facility, while you can still make a fence that looks good, your options will be a bit more limited. When the focus is purely security, then you don’t need to worry about appearance, aesthetics, or matching a brand image. These fences can be large, foreboding, and stand out in the surrounding landscape. However, if you simply need to mark off the boundaries of your property to help protect your landscaping, then you can choose from a much wider variety of materials. The fences can be more decorative in style, although the decorations can also serve protective functions by being sharp or difficult to climb. The fence can also complement your storefront and landscaping. It also needs to fit your company’s needs for cleanliness and health. By making these determinations in advance, you will allow for the most freedom for you and your fence contractors to design the best-looking fence.

Consider the Height

When many people think of commercial fencing, they think of an 8-foot or higher fence, sometimes with razor wire on top, that surrounds facilities such as a prison or an airport. Fortunately, commercial fencing is not limited to just one height. After all, a fence of this height makes an imposing barrier that may not be necessary for your needs. For example, if a six-foot wood privacy fence will meet your needs, then that is what you should choose. Essentially, you’ll want to choose the lowest height that will meet your needs to create the fewest visual barriers for your customers. In some cases, a small fence of two or three feet may be what best suits your needs.

Consider Landscaping

Keep your landscaping in mind even if your fence is meant to purely be for security purposes. If you need a fairly imposing fence to secure your facility, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be beautiful. By adding extensive landscaping around your facility, you can largely conceal the fence and still have the protection you need. Plus, as the landscaping matures, it will provide an excellent sound barrier, not to mention the natural beauty it will create. Remember that the outside appearance of your building will add a lot to how people perceive your brand and how employees feel about your company. So consider your landscaping and how a fence can add or detract from it.

Consider Color

Color is an important fencing element that can make your barriers more professional, elegant, and stylish. Many fencing materials can be painted to be almost any color imaginable. By capitalizing on this ability, you can create a unique, customized fence that matches the personality of your company. By using this approach, your fence will become less of a barrier and more of an extension of the atmosphere your customers will encounter once they’re inside your building. If you’re going to have a fence around your facility, you might as well make it work for you in more ways than one. White and black are both elegant colors that work well with any landscaping or building, while other neutral colors can help the fence blend in with its surroundings. Natural wood and metal colors also feel authentic and are easy to maintain. Talk to your fencing contractors on what colors and materials they offer.


Finally, you want to select fencing contractors with the expertise and professionalism to complete the fence quickly and efficiently. In some cases, the installation of a fence could disrupt your business operations. To minimize this disruption, it’s important to choose an experienced fence contractor who can install your fence quickly and correctly. With this obstacle out of the way, you’ll set yourself up for many years of use from your company’s new fence. Your fencing contractor will also be able to give you good advice on colors, material, height, and many other features that you may be struggling to decide on. By working with an experienced contractor, you can be sure your commercial fencing project will go well.

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