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7 Takeaways From Harley Davidson’s Logo


A professional logo serves as the face of the business and we know one such company that boasts about its creations via its professional logo – Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is one such motorcycle manufacturer that has retained its market share for more than 100 years of being a top choice of bikers.

Apart from its customized motorcycles, the logo is another inspiration for many new businesses (automobile in particular) to get ideas for their logo design.

We’ve mentioned the pro tips that Harley Davidson’s logo contains. So, here are the key lessons from an industry leader to have a perfect logo design for your company.

Notable Takeaways

Harley Davidson focuses on its professional logo which acts as a strong marketing tool for the company to create awareness and get brand recognition. Below, we’ve compiled a handy list of key takeaways from their iconic biker logo for those businesses that are considering to enter the automobile industry.

Add Class

One of the prime objectives of a professional logo is to add an element of elegance and class into the brand’s personality. Harley Davidson kept it logo classy and relevant for its buyers even after passing the mark of 100 years. Amongst its various professional logo designs, Harley Davidson maintained the element of class in each of them which is one of the success metrics of the company. You, as a decision maker, must seek this particular quality in your logo design when discussing your design needs with a professional logo designer.

Seek Perfection

Harley introduced its first logo design in year 1909 that highlighted the name of the brand. But soon after the reveal, they took down to design a better one that completely resonates with the biker spirit. This mission took a few more months when they finally revealed the improved version of their first logo design later in 1910. When you design your business logo, do seek the perfection and you shall, too, be able to use the same logo for years to come as Harley Davidson did.

Right Font

We all know how important is the font selection for a logo design, especially in automotive logo design. Harley Davidson uses Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond font in its logo design that gives out the perfect message to the viewer. The message of courage, boldness and a spirit to explore more horizons of Earth on your wheels are all bind in one font selection. You, also, need to study your products and perceive what type of message a font would convey when used in a logo design.

Ideal Color Scheme

Harley Davidson, initially, used the color red to display its brand name in conjunction with a white background that really gave it a clean look. Later, the company decided to switch the background color to black for making the brand name more prominent. Now, its professional logo design has orange and white colors that suggest the emotions of being focused, pure, and optimistic. So, you must pay attention to your color scheme, too, and relate it with the brand’s personality.

Create Devotees

For over 100 years, Harley Davidson has focused on a specific group that is interested in their bikes. This group, or should I say the devotees, never misses to know about the new products, merchandize and even the new model of a Harley Bike and they even have a name for them, HOG. They feel proud to associate themselves with the Harley Davidson’s logo which is another reason for its non-dropping sales each year. You, too, need to associate such characteristic with your professional logo so your customers feel proud to purchase your products.

Make Connection

Whether someone rides a Harley bike or not, they do recognize it from a distance that its from Harley Davidson. That’s the kind of recognizable feature your logo design should include when you sit with the designer to have an impressive design.

Stand Out

The text placement, the emblem’s base idea and the font selection approach are all bind by the single idea to associate the brand with adventures bikes. Whenever someone sees a Harley Davidson logo, they not just stop and admire it but instantly think of style and courageous personality of the rider.

Comment below and let us know what professional logo design qualities do you noticed in Harley Davidson’s logo.

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