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How to Start a Podcast: a Beginner’s Guide


Content marketing comes in various shapes and sizes. Creators like you have a ton of alternatives: blog posts, video, social media posts, slide decks, and significantly more. You can even add podcasting to this mix now. To the sites and blogs, audio can be utilized in clever ways to fit into the content. Statistically speaking, podcasting is developing significantly as it is the coziest approach to consume content.

Podcasts are staying here. Have you considered starting your own? If that is true, this Podcasting guide will assist you in launching your podcast instantly. 

Before we begin, let’s reinforce the reason or idea behind why you are starting a podcast. In the event that there is one message, that you should remember while making your podcast content, it ought to be: 

Advise, Educate and Entertain 

While you are sharing your knowledge, keep your audience interest at the top of the priority list while recording. Make the learning fun and your podcast show will be the discussion of the group. 

1. Choose a topic you love

Just like a blog, you need to choose a niche for your digital podcast that gives information that is in demand with the audience. In any case, before you pick a niche, you ought to understand that the audience uses podcasts for expert advice, and you should have great knowledge of the same field. Once you have decided the particular niche you need to talk about, you are one-bit closer to beginning a successful podcast. 

2. Pick a podcast title

A podcast title can help the audience anticipate the content and motivation behind your podcast. We suggest you put some ideas into picking a title for your podcast. Here are a couple of things you ought to consider when conceptualizing for the ideal title. You should consider key phrases that are applicable to the title. This will become visible on search engine then. There are three principal choices to pick a title for your podcast: 

– Your Personal Name 

– Creative Name 

– Descriptive Name like The Content Marketing Show 

3. Write a sound description

You should write a descriptive passage about the content of your show to allure the audience. This will assist them in choosing whether they want to stay and tune in to the show. In the description, you have complete freedom to play with keywords that your target audience may use to find a podcast on your picked niche/subject. The description should be engaging so your audience connects and listen to your podcast. 

4. Get your podcast cover image

The podcast will require some cover picture that represents your show. A logo will be the face of your podcast. Ensure that it grabs your audience’s attention and makes you stand apart from the competition. 

5. Get Podcast Intro + Outro Music

Having an introduction and outro music add a component to your podcast. An incredible podcast intro makes a promise to your audience. It clarifies your podcast purpose, presents the speaker, and helps the audience with understanding the value they’ll get by tuning in 

6. Podcast equipment and software

At this stage, it’s significant for you to pick probably the best equipment and software for your podcast. Some of the things you need: 

  • A peaceful space 
  • A decent mic 
  • Podcast Audio Editing software/services 

When it comes to a mic, get yourself one that will record your voice properly. You will find enough options online for a good mic at cost-effective prices. Sometimes the equipment you use to create a recording can affect its quality, for that you can use the software. For a beginner, you can use Audacity. It accompanies all the essential features a podcaster would require to record and edit an audio file, making it the best free podcast software.

7. Pick your podcast hosting provider

To make your podcast noticeable in the digital space, you need to sign up with a hosting organization. These are platforms that store your documents and give admittance to your audience so they can download and subscribe to your podcast

8. Make a recording

Now it’s time to record your first podcast. Before recording, we suggest you create a script for the podcast. Like on what topic you will talk about, what would be the intro message and how will you end the episode etc. This would smooth out the talk session. Keep 3-4 episodes ready in advance. 

9. Publish an episode

Publishing episodes imply transferring sound documents after editing them and providing all the fundamental details with them. After converting your record into MP3 and choosing the right hosting platform, you need to transfer your podcast onto that hosting service. The host is the connection between you and podcast directories, for example, iTunes and Google Podcasts. You can publish the podcast on the host, or you can schedule it for later. 

10. Marketing your podcasting

What’s the more awful thing about tossing a party? Not sending a welcome invite. The same is valid for any podcasting. After publishing your podcast, now it’s the time to tell the world that your podcast is live. If you as of now have a current channel like YouTube, Blog, email-list, online media, use it to announce your podcast. And You can also submit your Podcast to the other directories. 


You can figure out how to start a podcast and keep it running effectively with the entirety of the information we share with you in our guide. Start with a plan, pick a subject for your podcast, and set up the essential equipment to begin recording your podcast. While making a podcast, it is a smart thought to get practice with the hardware you intend to use for recording to avoid any issues during creation. After creating a recording, pick a podcast hosting support and submit it to their registry to reach out to your audience.

Hope you will find this guide helpful. And if you have any inquiries concerning beginning a podcast, connect with us today!

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Ross Plotkin is a founder of Barevalue – A podcast editing company that offers podcast editing services and show notes writing services. he usually writes articles on the topic of podcasting such as tips, guides, and information that can be helpful for beginners and advanced podcasters.

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