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How to Write Video Descriptions for TikTok


Do you want to improve your TikTok videos? Do you want to make them more engaging for a wider audience? Then, adding a video description can be a great addition.

Crafting a video description isn’t the primary concern of TikTokers. While they do their best to come up with fun video ideas, they can easily overlook the power of a video description.

Those 200 characters that are available to you for a video description can do wonders for your videos’ popularity. You just need to use them wisely.

So, are you ready to learn about the tips and tricks for writing video descriptions that your audience will love?

The Benefits of Writing TikTok Video Descriptions

Before we get to practical advice and how-tos, let’s clarify why TikTok video descriptions are important. As they are still underappreciated, many aren’t aware of the benefits that come with great descriptions.

Here are several advantages of writing video descriptions that will motivate you to put more effort into that process:

  • Helps the audience with visual impairments to enjoy your videos – With a useful video description tagging along with a fun video, even people with visual impairments can fully enjoy the content you share.
  • Text on the videos can disappear too quickly or be difficult to read – Rapid movement of text in the video enhanced with different effects can prevent your followers from reading the text featured in the video. This is where the video description comes into the picture and fills in the missing information.
  • Helps you to boost communication with your audience – Inspire communication with a cleverly written description, and watch as the new comments start popping up.
  • Ensure that your audience doesn’t miss any important detail in the video – Sometimes, the details play the main role in the video. The description can help you signal to viewers what they should pay attention to.
  • Provide extra information about the video or participants in the video – If you want to share valuable information with the readers that you didn’t have time to mention in the video, the description is the place for it. You can tag people who are in the video or share the name of the products you used, for example.
  • Encourages users to watch the video until the end – A good description can build the viewers’ anticipation and hint that they shouldn’t miss out on any second of the video.
  • Build your connection with your audience through writing as well – Even though 200 characters isn’t much, you still have an additional means for allowing viewers to get to know you better.
  • Get more views – Video description gives you a chance to add trending hashtags. What does that mean for your videos? It means more people coming across your awesome content. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags as digital marketers highly advise using trending hashtags for attracting more views.

Tips for Writing Great TikTok Video Descriptions

The above-mentioned rock-solid reasons should give you that final push towards writing video descriptions. But the question that now arises is how? How do you write video descriptions that will boost your views, bring you more followers, and add to the quality of your videos?

Aside from the obvious “just be your original self” tip that most would throw at you, there are a few practices that you should know about. The following tips will help you get a better idea of what a great video description should be like. Here they come!

1. Intrigue the viewers

Entice people to watch the video with an intriguing description. Tickle their imagination with words or a sentence that gives them a good reason to keep their eyes steadily on the screen.

For example, an intriguing description can be, “And this is what happens when you wake me up at 4 AM…” or “Unbelievable!!” If you need some ideas or a helping hand for giving your video description a suitable touch of intrigue, you can turn to writing services. Expert writers know how to engage readers.

2. Keep it casual

The language you use in the video description should be simple, conversational language. You don’t need some exceptional writing skills for this task. Be causal and funny, as if you are addressing a friend. That’s how you’ll create a sense of intimacy between you and the users.

3. Share relevant information

Include information that will help people understand better what you are presenting in the video. You can include information of all sorts. For example, you can list the name of products you used for the makeup look, the names of dance moves, the location where you filmed the video, what your video represents, and so on. Having a complete picture of what your content is about will make the video more interesting.

4. Encourage comment replies with questions

The best way to nourish the connection with followers is through interaction. But what if your followers aren’t much of a talker (or shall I say a typer)? Asking questions in the video description can bring your followers to open up.

5. Build a connection through mutual interests

Use relatable descriptions to create a connection between you and the users. Do you know how you instantly start to like a person more when you have mutual interests? That’s what video descriptions can help you achieve.

Let’s say that you post a video of your dog chewing your pillow and making the most adorable “I’m guilty” face that makes you melt. While the video is fun on its own, adding “only pet parents will understand” in the description will make the fellow pet parents feel more connected to you.

Final Thoughts

Video descriptions are yet to gain more attention from TikTok creators. Some craft amazing descriptions as the rule of thumb, but the majority still haven’t discovered how to maximize the video description’s potential. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to put these tips to use and add to the quality of your content.

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