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Valuable Marketing Tips to Use During an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign


Planning to raise capital for your next business venture? We completely understand that it can be a significant hurdle, especially when it comes to bringing your vision into reality. Basically, crowdfunding is a fundraising option that has given business investors and entrepreneurs a logical way to validate demand for their genius idea before they enter into the industry.

So, have you thought about what options you are going to consider for your business crowdfunding? Typically, experts suggest working for renowned crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo that come with a set of unique features and a high customer base.

If you are not yet familiar with Indiegogo, then let us tell you that it’s one of the robust platforms that support artists, businesses, and non-profit organizations. It comes with a flexible funding option and lets you raise money even after your campaign finishes. Entering the crucial InDemand stage of this platform is way too forward, and needs to be sorted in the right way. Otherwise, all your efforts can go wrong.

The best possible way to crack this is to hire a reputable agency specializing in Indiegogo marketing services and features in their expert directory. Further, we have put together a few marketing tips that you need to consider while working on the Indiegogo platform.


Redirecting Your Previous Campaign

The foremost thing you need to ensure while being in the InDemand phase of the Indiegogo campaign is the redirection of the old campaign page to the new campaign link. It can even be a Kickstarter link as well. By doing this, you will be able to convert your existing users who have not participated in the campaign earlier but can eventually pre-order at the later stages.

Responding to User Queries

During the InDemand stage, it is imperative to respond to all the queries and comments from the investors in the shortest time possible. These queries simply can be related to the campaign process or particular features. So, you need to be disciplined and confident enough while answering them.

Work on Social Media Promotions

Once you are done setting up the campaign, another thing you need to make sure is to share some posts on social media to generate interest among the audience. You need to spread the word and make people aware that you continue to accept more pre-orders in simple language. Eventually, the InDemand page informs your audience of how successful the campaign has been to date. This somehow boosts your credibility while converting those leads who did not invest previously.

Have a Link Juice to Your Website

Your campaign page highlights all the essential details of the campaign. However, expert Indiegogo PR firms follow the thumb rule of having a particular landing page or website of your own. When a business actually does it, it communicates with the potential investors immediately once the campaign is over. Besides, make sure to highlight your business social profiles on your campaign page as it gives a clear cut way to the investors to get in touch with you.

Create a Thank You Video

Definitely, making the investors feel special is a fantastic way to begin with. You can create an exclusive creative “Thank You” video for your sponsors. Consequently, it keeps them connected to the campaign, along with enhancing your business’s credibility.

Use Expert Indiegogo Marketing Services

Maximum exposure is something that is a vital part of every crowdfunding campaign. Did you know that having an expert team can boost the results 3X times more than an individual can? That is why it is better to hire Indiegogo experts who can work tirelessly to promote your campaign and get considerable exposure, even if it is over. And, the same can apply to the InDemand phase as well.

Ultimately, hiring brilliant minds who are well-versed with Indiegogo PR standards is a brilliant idea to go with. As they know what it takes to build a community, a robust email list, and an excellent pitch text/video while creating perks that the potential investors and audience will love the most.

Let us know in the comments below what useful tips you follow for an Indiegogo campaign.

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