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A Marketer’s Guide to Create Instagram Content Plan for Business


As an Instagram marketer, everyone wants to improve their organic Instagram content. Are you looking for a guide to creating an Instagram content plan for the business? 

It is the right path you have chosen. This article will find out easy tips and tricks to plan, create, and optimize content for your business

Establish A Content Theme

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Planning your content is the first step to begin your successful Instagram account. Because Instagram is completely a visual platform, one can define and feel your business profile by looking at your profile. 

When creating a theme for Instagram, you need to concentrate on 

  • Type of content to post 
  • Colors to use 
  • Type of filters to apply to your images.

Take a look at the Instagram profile of Canva. They post many different types of content. But they are more important to the color they use. If you scroll their profile, the color will be changed naturally from yellow to pink to different colors, you might think. 

Like these, many brands use different approaches. If you want to impress your followers, you have to change your Instagram grid into a composite and interconnecting collection of images and videos. 

The content style of your Instagram visual should reflect your brand. To find the right style for your business, follow these steps. 

Colors: Use different colors predominantly to find what color people want to associate with your brand. 

Content: You can use different content types like pictures and videos with people, your products, close-up faces, etc. Another important thing is, don’t limit yourself to one type of photography. 

Filter: one way to find the best filter for your Instagram profile is to use a specific filter on your content. It is one of the best ways to develop a signature Instagram style.

Plan Your Instagram Marketing Content

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You are ready to start planning your content once you find what your Instagram profile expresses visually. The first thing you have to think about is what is your main goal on Instagram marketing. What do you want more sales? More followers? More engagement? Deciding your goal is very important. Because it informs the content, you publish on Instagram. 

If you are a small business owner, you do not have someone to manage your social media account full time. So be honest with yourself about how much time you can dedicate to Instagram. 

Now, look at different types of content you can create for Instagram. 

  • One of the great ways for engagement is sharing statistics and facts in your post. 
  • Another way to generate engagement from your audience is posting with pets and animals, funny images, and so on are also effective. 
  • To build trust among the audience, you can post educational tips, advice, etc. To highlight your products, Instagram is also a great place. 85% of Instagram accounts following at least one business account.

Create Your Instagram Marketing Content

If you are a big brand, you can approach agencies to create content for you. If you are a small business, you don’t have all of the resources at your distribution. As a small business, it is not easy to prepare new content every day. If you want to attract more followers, you must focus on posting engaging content such as motivational and inspirational quotes, cute pics of pets, and different content types that people love on Instagram. Some best practices you have to keep in mind while creating content are 

Always keep your objective in your mind. If you are coming up with a content idea, ask yourself how it will help your achievement. Use high-quality images, videos, and sounds. Always maintain your content in high-quality. If it doesn’t, reject it and try another one. Ensure your content is in the right size for the platform, particularly if you use a third-party tool. You can also use some Tools Like Unsplash, Pexels, Shutterstock for creating your content. 

Schedule Your Instagram Marketing Content 

Scheduling is an important part of your Instagram marketing. Once you create your content, schedule your post to ensure you are posting new content regularly. You can find many studies on the best time to post on Instagram. But the ideal time depends on your audience. The Best way to find the right posting time for you is to start posting and carefully monitor your results. 

This posting schedule will include posting stories also. They also play an essential role in continent planning. You can post as many stories as you want per day. Spend time creating stories. You can use these Instagram story views to increase visitors to your story and boost your account. 

Optimize Your Instagram Marketing Content 

Once you have awesome content and a good schedule, here are some other ways to increase your reach, improve engagement, and increase your following. 

Add Relevant Hashtags 

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One of the huge important parts of Instagram is Hashtags. The ideal hashtag can help you to attract more audience to your account. If you are a huge brand with a lot of identification, you need not use hashtags at all times. But if you are a small or medium-sized business, hashtags play a vital role in promoting your content. So you have to make sure that using at least one or two hashtags in your posts, or you will lose a great opportunity to reach more followers. There are different types of hashtags used on Instagram. They are 

Branded Hashtags: created uniquely for your brand.

Industry Hashtags: they are relevant to the particular industry.

Niche Hashtags: It represents a particular niche in your industry. 

Location hashtag: to go for a wider audience, you can use it to represent your location.

  • Some of the best practices for using the hashtag on Instagram are
  • Always use hashtags in your content
  • Save relevant hashtags in a separate document for easy use. 
  • Research hashtags before using them
  • Always go for the most popular and trending hashtags. 

Use Optimal Caption Length

The length of your caption depends on the type of content you are posting. It is always better to keep your caption length short if you want to promote your bio link and drive more traffic. If you do this, people can easily see your CTA without reading several paragraphs. You can add your CTA in different places such as your bio, caption, imaginary, etc. 


If you are a small business, this guide will help you to create and share content that helps to boost engagement and get more followers, including: 

  • Using a consistent posting schedule
  • Leveraging the right mix of hashtags
  • Post different types of content every day. 

These tips and tricks will help you to create the best Instagram content plan for your business. 

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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