How Good Is Java For Your Web Application Development?


Every time we see new technology come into the market, it brings with it loads of new features and benefits. These features and benefits help us to build intuitive and awesome applications that help our applications to be different from what is present and is available in the market. After all, it is the value that is provided to the end-users is all that matters. Java has been long around the development spectrum of both desktops as well as mobile and web applications. It has been one of the most successful languages of all time that helps programmers and developers to build intuitive and advanced applications that help solve common computing problems and provide unique, interesting, and intuitive solutions to the masses.

Java is everywhere to be found. From wearables to handheld devices, it is embedded in every nook and corner of any device or gadget that you can put your hands on.

Let’s discuss the possibilities of Java being used for web development and why you should care to use this wonderful and awesome language for your daily web programming and development tasks.

Java was invented and was developed by Sun microsystems in the late 1990s to be a language that promotes cross-platform applications to be developed and produced. It achieves this through the concept of object-oriented programming and java virtual machine interfaces. Or commonly known as ByteCode. This byte code is compiled and produced that can be different for different machines but the interface that it is run on, that is the JVM or the Java Virtual machine remains the same. So you have the JVM that is running the Bytecode that is produced and this imparts it the cross-platform capabilities that make it stand apart from the different languages that we see and use in daily programming tasks.

Java is also present in the web programming spectrum, It is present in the form of Servlet concept that provides server-side programming features for clients that access Java-based web applications from their browsers. 

Let’s look at the various features that prove Java to be apt for Web programming.


Any java based programming applications are easily and efficiently scalable to meet the increasing demands of users by providing high-performance throughput for these applications. If you use Java for server-side programming and web applications development, there are chances that you can expect top-notch performance from your written applications no matter how much traffic comes to your servers or web infrastructure, you can expect the highest level of performance when you compare it to any other competing technologies that exist in the IT market. Scalability is such a factor that is essential for computing programs and applications to have so that they are able to scale easily with the increasing demands of the users as well as provide them with the same level of performance that would otherwise be there for any other applications. 

Cross-platform capabilities

When it comes to cross-platform capabilities that Java applications have, there is no competition for Java-based web applications. This is because Java language is designed from the ground up to be providing cross-platform capabilities through its JVM implementation as we discussed earlier. This implementation allows Java-based web applications to run on any browser or machine no matter which operating system or underlying hardware it may have. This imparts Java language to be the map test contender and choice for web programming and web application development as it can run on any machine or device that comes without any major changes to the programming language or platform that it runs on. This feature makes it stand out from the rest of the programming platforms that are available in the IT development market or spectrum.

Huge community

The Java community is huge and is expanding and growing day by day at an exponential and increasing pace. This community comprises experienced and seasoned developers and programmers who are every ready and eager to help others with their programming issues and knowledge. As it is rightly said that knowledge grows when it is shared, this is the true vision that this community follows and abides by. So programmers and developers can easily rely on this community to solve the common programming problems that they may face. The turnaround time for the resolution of these problems is about 24 hours.

Mature programming platform

The Java language is now over more than three decades old now, hence it is regarded as one of the most mature and detailed languages and programming platforms to ever exist since the dawn of time or the dot com bubble. Because of its mature platform that is available readily to developers, these developers can take advantage of this platform to create the web programs that they want and they can do it with minimal effort and without any hassles or problems.

Stringent and safe security features

Because of the various security features that are provided by Java, it is virtually impossible and very difficult for instructions or malicious code to run and execute on this Java platform. Hence there is no chance for malicious activities to take place on the infrastructure that is set up for use that is provided by the Java Environment or applications that run on it.

Open source and freely available

Java is an open-source object-oriented language that does not require any heft expenses or licenses to be used. Hence this reason, anybody can use Java to develop their web applications and make full use of this wonderful platform that is present.


So you see that the above-mentioned features make Java the apt language to develop web applications and mobile applications using it. If you have a need to develop a web application using Java then you can hire java developers from Nimap Infotech.

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