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Top Tips to Managing Google Ads During Coronavirus Outbreak


Managing your Google Ads accounts can be a daunting and stressful experience in itself, but add into the mix the recent Coronavirus outbreak and its effects on all industries and you can be excused for wanting to throw in the towel.

With no industry left unscathed by the effects of this global disease, you might be asking yourself, should I continue to run and manage my Google Ads account? 

We aim to share some light in these dark and uncertain times and offer some management advice, helping you to make the right decision for your business.

Keep reading to discover how to manage your Google Ads account during the coronavirus outbreak?

The Current Effect of Coronavirus 

A pandemic that will shape and define 2020, the aftermath of this disease is yet to be fully understood, while our understanding of the illness itself is still limited. Spreading across all continents, the rapid spread of Coronavirus has seen students being home educated to the rise of remote working, no aspect of your lives has been left untouched. 

With staff being furloughed and with businesses having no choice to close their doors, what does this mean for our SEO accounts but also our Google Ads management

For companies that are fortunate enough to be able to adjust, adapt and continue trading, being able to rapidly change and alter the way in which we work is paramount for continuing to run businesses successfully during these unsure times.

By keeping up to date with the latest trends and altering your paid ads accordingly, you can continue to remain relevant to the changing search habits during COVID-19. 

Should You Continue Running Your Google Ads?

With all businesses likely to be affected by coronavirus in some way, unless you are a distributor of face masks, toilet paper or even hand sanitizer, you most likely have already seen a negative effect on your Paid Ads accounts. But should you continue running your ads and continuing to bid on your target keywords? 

With the habits and the way that users search the internet changing all the time, the pandemic that is coronavirus has altered the way in which our audiences use the internet. 

Already noted and discovered and that is our interest in certain topics. With interest in travel reduced, our interest in cleaning products that can help sterilize our homes are at an all-time high.

If you are a company that is situated in the eCommerce industry, then you will be pleased to note that the effects of this virus have yet to be heavily noticed. With online shopping recommended by governments in an attempt to enforce social distancing, households across the country are still needing to purchase groceries and everyday products. With online shopping allowing people to purchase their requirements without leaving a safe, sanctuary that is their home, you can expect to see both competition and bid prices for PPC and search campaigns increasing in upcoming months

How to Optimise Your Google Ads Account for This Change in Behaviour 


With our target audiences growing and their needs changing, the way we communicate and target to them is more important than ever before. But how do you optimize your Google Ads account and how can you ensure that your ads are running to their fullest potential?

We recommend monitoring and keeping an eye on your choice of keywords. 

Although this may seem like an obvious idea, the way and the terms that our audiences are using when they search is continually changing and keeping up to date with them is paramount. 

Be sure to double check your target keywords and for those within eCommerce, it is recommended that you take particular care in noting what competitors are doing and the target share of those keywords. 

Search trends

As touched upon briefly, the current search trends surrounding coronavirus has changed. From our inability to go outdoors to the importance of household necessities, our interests in products that we are purchasing have changed. With an increase in yoga mats and Apple Air Pods searches, Amazon has released that although on the rise, both of these product searches cannot outsearch that of toilet paper.

If you are a homeware online store or sell gym apparel, it might be wise to reevaluate your ad campaigns as well as your smart shopping campaigns. This can ensure that you remain relevant during COVID-19. 

Sites that are witnessing lower traffic:


-Educational references

-Business sites

-Housing and DIY 


-Coupon and money saving

Sites that are experiencing higher traffic:

– Entertainment 

– Religious sites 

– Gaming sites

– Wellbeing sites

– Productivity and software sites

Amazon case studyAlthough search volumes for yoga mats, Bluetooth headphones and toilet roll may all be on a high, Amazon has announced a change in their priorities. With home essentials and medicines running out of stock,

Amazon have announced their intentions to prioritise these vital products. With an urgency to restock household staples and dispatch these to quarantine customers, Amazon is showing their interest and the importance of only essential items. This shift in focus can also be seen with Amazon no longer paying for Paid Ads and instead using advertising costs to recruit staff to complete these urgent orders. 

A potential forecast to predict a shift and movement away from non-essential consumer products, this move could come as a huge advantage and allow a dip in advertising costs for all non-essential items. 

Other top tips to managing Google Ads during coronavirus outbreak

  • Consider blocking negative search terms and keywords that are related to coronavirus.
  • Make sure that your website is optimized for the use of mobile and tablet shopping. While ad spending may be down depending on your business type, an increase in both these devices is expected to rise in the upcoming months and can help convert leads that have clicked onto your ads.
  • Both Google and Facebook are giving out ad grants for both small businesses and ad grants. It is worth reviewing to discover if you can participate in helping you to continue advertising your products. 
  • As mentioned above, check, check and then check again the keywords that you choose to use. 
  • Check the health of both your website and landing pages and make sure that it is user friendly and offers a good user experience to those who click through to your site. 


There you have it, our top tips on how to optimize and make sure that your Google Ads are running to the fullest during these unsure and dark times. Instead of shutting shop, look at whether there is volume around your keywords and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

With consumer search trends adjusting daily, making sure that there is an audience and buying market is key in determining whether to continue running your paid ads. 

If you are an eCommerce business store, adjusting your keywords and using this quieter period to update the health and user experience on your site is key in ensuring that you can continue to see a steady stream of traffic and leads. 

By making a well researched and informed decision instead of rushing, you can make sure that you are prepared and in a healthy space regardless of how long this pandemic lasts.

We would love to hear your thoughts and discover if you have seen a dip in traffic or a shift in the way that your audience searches and the keywords that they use. Comment below and share your experience with us today. 

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