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Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools For Businesses


The use of the most appropriate mobile app analytics tools is necessary for the ever-growing competitive business scenario.  The employees and customers of a company can easily access information from any location using tablets and smartphones. Various apps have been developed by several organizations to streamline any business functionality and procedure.

The data gathered via mobile apps must be analyzed thoroughly with app analytics tools to get the preferred (ROI) return-on-investment. These tools provide you a clear view of several key performance indicators (KPIs) such as events tracking and conversion, app access percentage, in-app journey, audience behavior, and conversion funnels, etc.

The foremost benefits to your business by studying these KPIs and taking the appropriate actions subsequently are the following:

  • Enhanced customer experience. 
  • Real-time data collection and its analysis.

These analytics tools help you to formulate innovative business ideas as per the latest market trend. This article provides the main features of the top ten mobile app analytics tools for businesses.

1. Google Mobile App Analytics

It is one of the most reliable tools to convert insights into action and enhance the performance of your app. It is available on all major platforms like iOS and Android. The data revealed with this tool include locations of users, events monitoring, ad campaign reports, conversion rates investigation, and alpha/ beta testing.

2.  Apsalar

Apsalar allows you to track, calculate, subdivide, and analyze your mobile app concert recommending the occasions where you can generate more revenue. It also shows the relative performance of your various marketing campaigns.  The mobile marketing cloud of this tool provides the decisive data layer for tailored marketing according to the activities and requirements of every app user.

3.  Firebase

Firebase users are easily able to enhance their apps and raise their customer base. The insights offered by this tool are about the time spent by users on the app, revenue, and audience behavior. Firebase analytics dashboard can report 500 event types, each having 25 characteristics.  It is a perfect tool to notice user behavior and evaluate the attributes of different users.

 4.  Flurry Analytics

Owned by Yahoo, this tool is compatible with all major mobile platforms and has a large number of users across the globe. The analytics provided by this tool include the figure of active users, session duration, audience demography, conversion funnels, and retention. The revenue analytics presented by Flurry helps you to track the revenue obtained by In-App Purchases.

5.  Adobe Analytics

It is one of the best app analytics tools that provide awesome visualizations and reporting features to quickly optimize visitor’s engagement with your app. It presents event tracking insights besides conversion and retention rates. For mobile businesses, mobile analytics can be used to offer a great user experience simultaneously with the growth of the business.

6.  Adjust

Adjust is a paid mobile marketing tool that is compatible with all major mobile platforms. This tool allows users to segment customers based on the set standard and goals.  The users can also carry out A/B testing and cross-promotional marketing.

7.  Amazon Mobile Analytics

It is currently known as Amazon Pinpoint that helps you to track app usage and profits. The tool provides insights regarding the number of active users per day/ per month, new users, retention rate, number of sessions, and event tracking.

8. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer app analytics is destined for mobile app marketers. Its main features are user attainment ascription, elegant banners, and performance metrics. The tool can be used on various mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.  

9. is an open-source tool that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. It facilitates automated push notifications and provides new users data along with their time spent on the app.

This tool is scalable through plugins as users can make customized plugins to include some extra analytics and marketing potential according to the requirement.  It’s an awesome solution for your business needs.

 10.  Apple App Analytics

As the name suggests, this tool is available for free in iOS smartphones. You get comprehensive analytics of channel success, marketing campaigns, sessions, and landing page views. The users can track their app’s performance and obtain exceptional insights with data that is not readily found using other procedures.

Businesses can determine the performance of their marketing campaigns across channels like email marketing and paid advertisements on social media.


Mobile app analytics tools help businesses to formulate proficient strategies to guarantee a higher ROI. The insights generated by these tools about your customers, markets, and operations provide you a way to improve data quality, recover supply chain and stock supervision, conduct marketing campaigns successfully, and gain customer trust.

You can use any of the above mentioned mobile app analytics tools for businesses to grow your business and have a competitive lead in the global market

Author Bio

Paru Saxena is a content writer at TechIngenious, one of the reliable companies having top mobile app developers in India.  He is proficient in digital marketing and has been writing for the last 6 years.

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