How Technology Has Helped in the Modernization of the Parking Industry


Technology has its touch almost in every facet of our lives in this contemporary time. It won’t be wrong to say that technology has changed the way people live, the way they spend their leisure time, and the time when they work. The same is true for the parking industry also. The fact is that the number of cars is increasing on the roads day by day, and we need an effective solution for parking these cars. It is not as if there are going to be more roads or new parking spots emerging to cover the increase in demand. So parking businesses can exploit this potential opportunity by adapting to the change in technology.

Following is some modern car parking technologies that have dignified the way we park:

1. Parking sensors 

There are innumerable brands in the car industry which is now well versed with a technology called sensor installed in the bumper of the car. These sensors are very effective in detecting the car’s proximity to the one you are driving, with objects like any other car or obstacle in the path. So the drivers are alerted by the oncoming vehicles.

2. Reverse camera

The reverse camera is a very effective tool, which is generally fixed above the rear number plate. It provides a wide-angle view of the area behind the car on the screen, which is visible to the car driver in front. They also offer markings and guide the driver making it easy to see any object or other car while parking the car.

3. 360-Degree camera

There are various premium models of the car available in the market, which is equipped with a 360-degree camera. It is an upgrade to the reverse camera. It is positioned all around the car; these cameras effectively let the driver have a bird’s eye view of the surroundings and offer additional ease and safety while parking the car. The driver can switch between the cameras to see the rearview to see any object that may damage the car from any side.

4. Active parking tech

Over a period of time, cars have become capable of identifying road markings, thus kicking in the Active Parking Tech feature. This feature in cars detects a suitable parking place and informs the driver. A basic version of the system can steer the car on its own while the drivers control the accelerator, brake, and clutch. It can also help the car to stop if there is a chance of collision. Once the system is activated, the sensors start detecting road and objects. It is also possible to get control of the car midway by getting hold of the steering wheel and canceling the command.

5. Remote Parking Tech

This modern technology does away with the notion that a driver needs to be seated in a car to park it. The technology is smart enough to make the car cover a considerable distance from the garage to your porch on its own just by hitting a button. Recent car technologies have made it even possible to switch gears and park them autonomously. 

6. Frictionless parking

It permits the driver to park without interacting with the traditional payment system. A frictionless suite can include license plate recognition, barcode reader, and reservation software. When it is combined with frictionless suite, these technologies can make parking seamless and interactive by removing the need to stop to enter or stop at exits for collecting the ticket or paying the money for parking.

7. Parking Guidance

The parking guidance system is yet another technology that has improved the parking experience. It guides the drivers directly to open spaces, eliminating the anxiety that often comes with parking and also significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to find a parking space. Also, it helps the drivers back to their cars when they are ready to leave; this leads to eliminate the parking frustrations that are very common with drivers.

8. Special parking Apps

The Parking Management Software and Apps play a huge part in the modernization of parking technology. It is a part of the smart parking system that allows you to pay for your parking, along with extending the duration if you will be staying longer than you intended. Some of them are efficient enough to tell where you can find the parking place, making it easier for you and also conserving fuel.

9. Multi-level parking of cars

Nowadays there is an intelligent car parking system like multi-level parking so more cars can be accommodated on a single level. This includes equipment like lifts and sensors to guide the car. This way there can be the biggest parking lots for a whole lot of cars to be parked easily by building levels.

10. Innovative Park and pay

The technology of parking cars as soon as you tap contactless payment card is applied in many metro cities. And new technology is in its way where new gates are designed so that a QR code can be scanned by the mobile phone and you can pay using mobile payment options.

There are many places like shopping malls, airports, and railway stations where parking is a huge business, as thousands of cars are parked here daily. So companies which are looking after parking management businesses should make use of modern technology so that parking is easy and also the drivers are happy about convenient parking. They should make use of advanced technology that will help optimize the space available to them. As the use of technology is making parking more efficient, people won’t mind paying a little extra for the reduced hassle.

Parking needs to be made easier for car drivers so that they can drive in, park, and drive out. Technology in modern times has transformed the parking experience of people. Today’s typical parking experience is much more convenient and pleasant than what it used to be. And with such a constant pace of innovation, we can expect even more exciting advancements in the coming years.

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