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5 Top Ways to Optimize Your Outdoor Adverts Post-COVID


Pre-COVID era, outdoor adverts were a very effective way of attracting new clients to local stores or physical shops but not many people gave good thought to optimize their adverts for best performance.

The entrance and growth of digital adverts from 1990 and beyond has made so many business executives ignore the huge results that outdoor adverts bring to the table.

Statista reports that outdoor advert Ad revenue grew by roughly 5% at $10.4 billion compared to the previous year and projects a further increase to $11.7 billion by the end of 2023.

This is further explained by the numerous companies that pay huge amounts to have their adverts placed in soccer stadiums, the super bowl, and other popular venues.

Outdoor advertising is not dying post-COVID!

Why Optimize Outdoor Adverts Post-COVID?

You see, if you must build a healthy and thriving business, it makes no monetary sense to continue dishing out adverts and paying huge sums when they are not returning expected results.

As the world is gradually easing back to normal life post-COVID, it is becoming greatly important for advert agencies or even business executives to pay great attention to the adverts they release for public consumption.

If you install an outdoor advert, say, for your yoga business, you would expect that in the very least, it would announce you better to your immediate locality and probably bring in “foot-soldiers” but what happens when you see just sprinkles of those expected clients?

People would be more concerned about their health and safety post-COVID and thus, you should consider these Ad optimization tips below to be sure that your next Ad would bring in a better Return on Investment (RoI).

Target the Right Audience

The audience is something, the RIGHT audience is everything!

Without targeting the right audience, most of your efforts would fall short when measured for productivity.

For every product or service, the right audience exists. Looking at the yoga business we considered already, a good audience choice would be a 23-35 years old female who lives within 80-100 blocks from the studio and is interested in urban culture and better health.

It always works best when you target just one client, that way you structure your business and offers better.

Targeting the right kind of audience with your outdoor advert will not only yield a better RoI but would position you better in people’s minds when they think of the best place to get your kind of service or product.

Make Your Banner Design Instantly Captivating

One of the biggest mistakes business executives make is allowing graphic designers to work on their projects when they don’t know any better. Don’t be like that.

With the major shift in business environments post-COVID, if you must work on a banner for your outdoor Ad, you must put yourself in the shoe of your target audience to check if the advert attracts you.

Make it count!

The top on the list for every banner ad is that it must be instantly attractive or enticing if it must be seen. People already have a short attention span and with the COVID, they would not even bother to spend 3 seconds more than usual to check out your “uninviting” ad.

Make Contact Details Bold Enough

This cannot be said enough. Your main goal is to get contacted by the leads the outdoor ad will generate so, why not help them see how to reach you?

How would you like to be contacted? Address? Phone? Email? Which? Get it out there and help them see it.

This is not to say that you should shove it down their throat but a call to put your contact details at strategic places and bold enough to be seen from a good distance (your graphic designer should help you with this).

Use Quality, Relevant Images

Since it is already known that pictures speak a thousand words, why not use pictures that would speak 10,000? Why use a “lazy” picture when you can use quality and relevant images in your ads?

The relevance of the image in use to the advert in question should be considered. There is no need to use a baby’s picture to advertise adult workout equipment. There is also no need to use a veteran to advertise a tee-shirt except if it is exclusively for veterans.

Do you get the point yet? Images are among the first things that INSTANTLY attracts people to your adverts and you should take it seriously.

Be Intentional With Your Call-To-Actions

This ranks well when considering the top ways to use outdoor adverts to attract new clients and should be focused on with a keen eye.

What do you want them to do? You should tell them. People would always want someone to tell them what to do and what best place than through your ads?

If you do not intentionally (but subtly) tell them to call, visit your shop, or send you a mail, they will not. They will naturally admire your beautiful piece of “art” and walk by. You don’t want that!

You must create the flow of information in your ad in such a way that every piece of design element is driving to your call-to-action (CTA).

If you are offering a free yoga session or you are offering a month-free subscription to your services, tell them to come and check it out. This is how to drive the sale.

When you analyze the top marketing key performance indicators from the pool of results it would return over time, you would notice a huge difference between now and when you didn’t strategically position your call-to-action

Your CTA must be strategic and specific, no playing around!


You see, you should do anything within reasonable bounds to pick your business up again post-COVID. The fact that your business survived the unexpected pandemic means that with just a little more effort with your marketing, you would get back to normal days – as we all expect.

However, if you carry out your advertising the usual way without remembering that humanity has changed and made an effort to adapt, you would be leaving some money on the table.

Take a quick look at some of your ad banners, do they meet up with the pro tips we have looked at? If not, now is a very good time to readjust them and wait for the returns!

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