Corporate Tips

StartupHR Toolkit – India’s 1st HR Toolkit Launched

SutraHR has been a pioneer of startup hiring in India. Their experience is immense having recruited 5000+ professionals over the past decade. SutraHR recently launched a new product ‘StartupHR Toolkit’. The idea behind StartupHR Toolkit is to make HR Documentation an easy and quick process. Today more than 4000+ organizations are using StartupHR Toolkit.  MUMBAI- […]

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5 Reasons Why AI Developers Can Help Small Businesses

AI is an incredible technology that has revitalized industries and made more innovations possible than ever before imagined. Through AI, analysis and patterning are possible at speeds never thought of and with untold accuracy.  AI has already made outstanding strides in analyzing large data sets that are comprised of petabytes of data that take human […]

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Career Advice

How to Navigate a Sudden Career Change

It doesn’t matter if you’re shifting from college to the work world or you’re making a mid-life professional pivot, navigating a career change can be overwhelming. If the shift adjustment comes suddenly, it can only increase the stress and anxiety of the change. If you’ve found yourself in an unexpected or fast-paced period of professional […]

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