Why People Still Prefer PHP for Web Development


In recent times of the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth and an increase in the number of websites that the overall web has over the internet. Websites now have become a necessity, for many different businesses who are looking to mark their online presence and interest consumers and visitors to their website. If we talk in numbers, for the number of websites that exist over the internet,  there are more than 1.74 billion websites as of 2020, and this number will never be constant, it is continuously increasing with each passing day. Entrepreneurs and business owners are always in search of the best programming language that will help them scale their website, or framework, for their projects, to one-up their websites/web apps when they compare it with their competitors’.

PHP is one such programming language that is one of the oldest and has been in operation. This language has been used in several web projects over the past two decades. PHP has been used enormously by about 78.9% of all websites that exist on the internet. When you compare the server-side programming language that we know. It comes to a total of about  8 out of every 10 websites that we all see over the Internet, which use and employ the components of PHP in one particular form or the other, there are many reasons and objectives that play an important role in why PHP development services were and are, in high demand, all of this even after so many more advanced technologies have developed and emerged.

Now the question that comes into my mind is: Why do people still prefer PHP over any other web development platform OR what makes PHP still popular in 2020. 

Why do people still prefer using PHP?

Many big tech companies and technology giants have been using PHP as their major development language. They have been doing this as there are many people who use the components of PHP for their projects. Some of the major websites that have been developed using  PHP are as follows: Facebook, WordPress, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and many more.

Some people and major web developers believe that over time PHP has become obsolete, however, this is not the case and will never be. There are several reasons why both developers, programmers, and entrepreneurs, prefer using this language for their web development project. This is because it offers features such as Flexibility, nativity, multiple integration opportunities, high speed, and others. All of these are on top of the charts and the reason why PHP is preferred for web development. Apart from this, PHP is one such distinct and easy to use and learn a language that can adapt itself really well, with the latest web development and digital transformation trends. This helps developers to keep your website ahead of your competitors.

Here are some of the top ways of how PHP can be integrated and used with the latest technologies and trends:

1. PHP and Cloud Computing

Storing a large amount of data on web servers or data servers is one of the major concerns for many businesses. Most businesses and companies are investing a lot of money or capital in research and development for the creation of cloud infrastructures. As per a leading web development firms, PHP and cloud services complement and goes with each other really well.  PHP has become a go-to technology that has not only intrigued the developers but it is also cost-effective for entrepreneurs and allows them to create scalable as well as secure web solutions.

2. PHP and IoT

IoT is one of the hottest topics and emerging trends that is happening in the web development world. It opens up several new opportunities and new capabilities for businesses. Also, it is one of the widely used technologies that developers and programmers love using as it adapts with IoT very well. PHP and IoT blend together seamlessly to create unimaginable solutions that are able to open up new opportunities and capabilities. It helps to explore the digital world.

Also, frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, as well as CodeIgniter were developed to fulfill all the IoT development requirements. These tools have rich libraries and ready to use modules, and components which make IoT development easier.

3. PHP and Chatbots

Chatbots have now become quite essential for every business that is present on the web out there. They are one of the best solutions to stay connected with visitors and your customers, even after your business’s working hours are over. AI-powered chatbots are great for solving issues and making conversations just like humans. They can be used to answer questions, solve queries, interact with the visitors, provide useful information, and lot more.

PHP is one of the top-picks by the chatbot and AI developers to create interactive as well as engaging solutions. Being an open-source language it is easy to create a chatbot using PHP. Not only this but PHP has some outstanding tools and frameworks that can help you to create conversational, friendly, and secure chatbots in no time.

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