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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Remote Workers are Productive and Happy


The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the way organizations and employees work. Within a month, millions of employees around the world have started working from home. The pandemic is likely to cause a permanent increase in remote working even after the crisis. Most of the organizations feel that letting their employees work from home doesn’t affect their productivity. However, many challenges remain, and employers need to take action to ensure that their remote workers are happy and productive.

Provide a Platform for Effective Communication

One of the biggest negatives of remote work continues to be communication. Communication is the key, but it is also an ongoing challenge for businesses today. Keeping your remote workers in the loop not just reminds them that they’re part of an organization, but also makes them feel that the organization is interested in them.

You can use an employee engagement app to establish a time and method for regular check-ins, send important updates, and other information.

Recognize their Accomplishments

Everybody loves it when their hard work is recognized. Remote workers often feel that many of their contributions go unnoticed by their team leaders or employers. But, recognition is one of the best ways to motivate your employees, make them happy, and improve productivity.

Make it a point to recognize your remote workers for their accomplishments and contributions they’re making towards your organization. Besides, you can make this recognition highly visible to other members of the team. An employee motivation app can help you easily accomplish this task.

Focus on What, Rather than When

Remote workers create tailored schedules based on when they are most active and productive. Some workers may start working early and some may start later. One remote worker may perform well in the evening, whereas another remote worker may complete his work by noon. Therefore, instead of focussing on when they are completing their work, focus on what they are completing.

Letting employees work with such flexibility will make them more happy, engaged, and will end up in improved productivity. You can use the employee retention app to track the activities of remote workers.

Set Measurable Goals

You could find 2 types of remote workers, dedicated employees who complete their work on time and the second type of employees work for the sake of doing it. To set aside this slack attitude of employees, provide a clear direction of what is expected in terms of objectives and company goals. Furthermore, you need to have regular follow-ups with your employees and get their feedback from time to time.

This will not just make your employees responsible and engaged, but will also let them finish the tasks on time and be more productive.

To aid in measuring goals, employers can obtain tangible data for employee production based on hours worked when implementing an employee time clock app for remote workers to clock in and out.

Create Bonding Opportunities

Remote workers often feel that they are isolated and disconnected from the workplace. This gap hinders the team synergy. So no matter, how big your team is, try to create a connection between all the team members. Have regular calls scheduled with all the team members to ask questions, answer questions, and provide support.

Regular interaction should be there between the team, about both work and fun. You can also enable social media platforms to encourage all employees to interact with each other. This can help improve cohesion and bonding between employees in and out of the office.

Support a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Remote workers have very few distractions at home. On top of this, they get more time to complete their daily works, instead of wasting time on getting ready and traveling to the office. Provide flexible schedules and designated time off to encourage the employees to work. Providing a better work/life balance will make the remote workers happier and more productive.

Motivating remote workers doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Try out these easy ways to make your remote workers happy and productive.

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