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10 React Developer Tools to Increase Your Programming Productivity


Programming is a fun thing, whether you are using a framework or a tool, it is no less than a great experience that leads to the creation of useful programs. As you can assume from the title of this topic, we are about to uncover and comment on the different tools that you can use to increase your programming productivity when using React. React was founded by Facebook and is heavily used in its social media platform development efforts. Here are 10 different tools that you can use to manage and organize your programming productivity and scale it up at higher levels.


Reactide is similar and is a full-fledged IDE or an integrated development environment that is built for use by web developers who use Reactjs. When developers use this tool, they do not have to manage the server configuration or the setup process or they also don’t have to use a build-tool as well. Reactide is designed to be a simple desktop application that gives greater opportunities when you do any visualization work with ReactJS. This is done through live code editing. This tool works great for visualization offered through the use of ReactJS.

Reactide has 9662 github stars.


Belle is an open-source library that was built by the founding members of the React community. This is a UI based framework that was designed to address the issues faced during the creation of a decent looking UI using react within a short amount of time. React provides too much leeway when creating anything and this can easily run into different problems. This is where Belle comes in handy to developers. Developers can easily customize React JS through the use of Belle and they have the freedom to only think about the features and functions that they need in their application. Consistent compliance with API as well as mobile support is some of the major advantages or pros of this tool.

Belle has 2406 stars on Github.

React Material Admin

There are many advantages and benefits that are known when you use material admin. React material admin dashboard is well known for following Google Material Design Guidelines. The creation of this wonderful tool is free from Bootstrap or jQuery. This tool is well known to produce fast or swift development of any kind of web application. React material admin is easy and comfortable to use by any newbie developer or beginner as it is easy to understand and implement in projects. If you are looking to hire reactjs developers then contact us.

React material admin has 338 github stars.

React Semantic UI

This is a Semantic UI library that is easily available and accessible to all. And in order for you to use react semantic UI, you need to integrate it in your development library and use the provided Semantic UI CSS package. This is also a jQuery-free library. As we all know that jQuery is a library that is created for DOM manipulation. And it is unnecessary to keep real DOM to be in sync with virtual DOM. This library enables you to use JS representation of the real DOM.

React Semantic UI has 10224 stars on Github


The react team introduced Profiler about two years ago. This tool is intended to be used as a re-renderer for your web application. It provides you with a detailed summary of your re-rendering of your application. Developers are able to increase the debugging performance of their applications using the profiling feature provided by this tool. Developers who use this tool will be able to see the re-render visualization as well as any screenshots of the DOM update.

Profiler has 2482 stars on Github.

React Component Benchmark

As the name suggests this tool helps you to benchmark your React JS components that you create. This is an open-source project and its aim is to provide developers with an accurate benchmark metric. Do note that you need to use a large enough sample in order to provide you with a confident metric. You need to use a larger sample because the component does not hook directly into ReactJS. And because the values are not accurate, you should provide a large sample size.

React Component Benchmark has 276 github stars.

React Toolbox

When you are in need to develop a Material Design UI, this is going to be the best tool that is available for you to do the task. It has many responsive components that are fully compliant with the Google Material Design Guidelines. The React Toolbox is created on the top layer of ES6, CSS modules, and webpack.

React Toolbox has about 8486 stars on Github.

React Bootstrap

As we all know that Bootstrap is the largest ecosystem of UI in the world, and React Bootstrap is built to be the UI implementation for full compatibility with Bootstrap. It is renowned as one of the oldest libraries that exist for React. This tool has been designed to accommodate the Bootstrap core, and it depends on the Bootstrap stylesheet. This tool has evolved itself through the time React was introduced to the public. If you plan on having a set of accessible by default components then React Bootstrap is providing you with many possibilities and opportunities than using just plain Bootstrap.

React Bootstrap has 16243 stars on Github.

React Studio

React Studio is a useful tool built for use by web developers and web designers. Developers are equipped to design various UI components using generators of code. Developers are free to enjoy responsive designs and layouts that can be easily turned into React code. As developers, you will get clean code without the huff and fluff of extra components or features built-in.

React Style Guide Generator

When developers need to maintain a seamless and consistent style across all the pages in the web application, this style generator comes to your rescue. This generator is able to generate style code that remains the same throughout all of your pages, irrespective of what code you use or implement in your application functionality. When a big team is working on a project, it is intended to keep the styles and layouts the same across all the web application pages, this style generator comes in handy to developers to keep styles consistent.

React Style Guide Generator has 699 stars on Github.


So there you have it, we have mentioned all the popular reactjs tools that you can use to increase your react development productivity. If you are planning on developing a react native project and are looking to hire react native developers then contact us.

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