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Improving Productivity by Redesigning Your Office


As adults, we typically spend most of our waking hours at work. Whether we work at an office or at home, our environment has a big impact on the quality of work we do. While most people would attribute their level of productivity and focus to the kind of co-workers they have, several aspects such as room temperature to the type of chair you’re sitting on are also significant.

The physical environment is probably the most important factor that determines how focused and productive a person can get during their shift. Employees spend 8 hours or more at the office, and a dull workplace certainly won’t make things any better.

If you often find yourself unable to finish any task at hand, redesigning your working environment is one of the best things to do to increase productivity. Here, we have several tips that you can follow if you want to make some changes to your working area!

Optimize natural light

Working in a dimly lit environment is like writing with a broken pencil tip: it’s pointless. Bad lighting induces eye strain, fatigue, and frequent headaches. In order to stay focused, you need the appropriate amount of light. Open the windows, raise the blinds, or use light bulbs that emit a luminescence similar to natural daylight. A brightly lit room can give you a significant mood boost that can help you stay productive throughout the day.

Declutter your environment

Some people would argue that a cluttered mess helps them be more creative. While that may be true for some, a pile of unorganized items might be doing more harm than good in terms of productivity. Seeing clutter almost every day can affect your thought process and before you know it, your mind has become a mess as well.

You may not have the freedom to get rid of clutter completely at your office, but you can start small by keeping your working area as neat as possible. Allot 10 minutes every day to organize your stuff before your shift ends. The same goes for those working from home, although you’ll have to tidy up more than your desk to prevent any distractions while working.

Use appropriate chairs and desks

Constantly shifting on your chair and adjusting your sitting position are signs that you need to apply a few adjustments to make yourself feel comfortable while working. Use an adjustable office chair with comfortable cushions to help relax your muscles. Add a pillow or two, especially near the lower back region for a slightly reclined chair posture. At the same time, make sure that your office desk has enough space for mobility. Another tip is to keep the computer screen 24-36 inches away from your eyes to prevent eye strain.

Adjust the room temperature

When working in a cold office, bring sweaters, shawls, scarves, or a space heater to keep you warm. If you work at home, you have more freedom to adjust the room temperature depending on your preferences. You can even snuggle in comfy blankets during winter while working!

Recolor your environment

The drab gray walls of the office walls will certainly put you in a gloomy mood even when you’ve just started your shift. If you want instant productivity and mood boost, you can surround yourselves with objects that have these colors: blue to calm your senses, green to relax your eyes (how about an office plant?), yellow to stimulate creativity, and red to highlight important tasks at hand. Working at home? Repaint the wall with these colors for an instant room makeover!

Keep noise at a minimum

While chatting with your co-workers does help pass the time and keep you awake, the noise often gets to the point where it’s more distracting than helpful. Listen to music using noise cancellation headphones instead, or look for websites or apps that stream ambient nature or coffee shop noises to stay focused.

The bottom line

There are lots of ways on how you can increase productivity in the workplace and in doing so, you don’t really need drastic changes all at the same time. Something as simple as adding color to your workplace or organizing your desk can do wonders for your productivity levels. Follow our guide, and you’ll certainly notice a significant change as you work!

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Maria Vidal writes for Arenson Office Furniture – a company that provides office furniture solutions from desks, workstations, filing, and storage, task seating, reception seating to conference training tables.

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