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Know the 5 Perks of Selecting a Salesforce Consultant


In today’s competitive world, sales, marketing, and the IT team cannot work in silos. The marketers need continuous feedback on the sales in a location or medium and design their strategies accordingly. Equally important is customer service and retention. The salespeople need to have an up to date info on every customer to serve them the best.

Before Salesforce, companies had to install their servers and make software systems to manage customer and sales data. The businesses also had the task of defining user access and secure data. After completing these jobs began the real work of sales analysis. The method was costly, time-consuming, and not scalable. Data-based decision making was almost impossible for small companies.

With the arrival of the Salesforce CRM, the process changed completely. Salesforce is a cloud-based software that lets you move and manage all customer service, relationship, and marketing data. One need not invest in any hardware or software. Below we discuss the advantages of hiring a salesforce consultant.

1.   Customize the tools

Salesforce has a suite of tools. You can track lead generation, sales insights, automate marketing efforts such as email marketing, online campaigns, enhance your presentations, etc. The best part is you can create a customized app with the Salesforce tools. How do you select the tools and implement them?  Hire Salesforce consultant and give them the requirements based on the business needs. A certified professional in the field can build a customized CRM app with Salesforce tools quickly. Moreover, the consultants know how to integrate the existing software systems like Gmail, Microsoft office, and on-premises data management from SAP, Oracle, etc.

2.   Make it easy

Implementing a Salesforce system does not require hiring a new tech team. An expert Salesforce consultant can make the new process self-explanatory. It is significant when the members are present in various locations. The certified consultants have a wealth of experience across verticals and can integrate the features of Salesforce into existing systems. They ensure that the transition from a legacy system or induction of CRM software is smooth. They focus on high-level automation. Businesses need not worry about changes like version upgrades, more recent tools, etc. Rather than figuring out the best implementation method, the team can concentrate on business needs and strategies.

3.   Higher adoption rate

The ways of business and the market response keep changing. The prime job of a Salesforce consultant is to look for market changes and customer retention strategies. They utilize the latest features available for marketing automation and predictive analysis. The consultant chalks out an implementation plan quickly and ensures that the operation is not affected. For example, customers now prefer voice-based interactions over text. A Salesforce consultant should see the market trends and integrate a voice support facility in the CRM system. An increased adoption rate leads to improved productivity and guarantees a higher return on investment.

4.   Save time and money

Businesses deploy Salesforce software within a few weeks. A consultant makes it easy for the employees to work and interact in the cloud environment. There is no special training required, and the management need not hire new staff. Experienced consultants have the know-how of ERP applications too. They direct the teams to utilize features like marketing, service, and community cloud. These platforms help in automation and encourage better data exchange and transparency within the organization. Thus, the business can enhance work efficiency and act quickly to the customer requests and marketing strategy changes.

5  Better decision making

The Salesforce consultants aim to improve the return on investment of the business. They are aware of various challenges of the marketplace and give unbiased and effective solutions quickly. All companies, right from start-ups to established firms, face innumerable questions every day. The Salesforce software system lets the business leaders take a data-backed approach to solve the problems. An experienced consultant in the field will help to fasten the decision-making process and grab the right opportunities.

Final thoughts

Today Salesforce offers a plethora of tools and services. It is much more than a customer relationship management software. One can track every customer’s journey, enhance lead generation, personalize marketing, make sales reports, and analyze data. A company can improve communication and info sharing within the organization with services of the Salesforce community cloud. Similarly, the Sales App cloud platform lets you make customized apps for various purposes like customer service, data monitoring, making business presentations, etc.

A Salesforce consultant has the required industrial experience and can guide in choosing the right Salesforce implementation strategies. The consultants decide when to go for customized solutions and when to use built-in features directly. They can select the best point-and-click tools available in the Salesforce platform. Thus, the consultants save money and time by harnessing the powerful resources of Salesforce and aim to strengthen the company’s hold in the market.

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