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Top Tools to Scale Your Business on a Budget


Every beginner entrepreneur faces the same problems: how to do as many things as possible with a minimum of budget and time? How to best communicate within the team and distribute the tasks? How to optimize its actions and obtain maximum impact and therefore customers? There are a lot of tools online that can help you, we will discuss some of them here. 

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Management of social networks, sending of emails, creation of graphics, management of projects and tasks… There is a multitude of online tools that can help you start your project without spending a fortune.!


Whether you are a beginner or experienced entrepreneur, the most likely is that drawing up a business plan, and in particular a financial plan, we are sure it is not your favorite exercise. 

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Let’s discuss some of the online tools for growing your business for 


Inspired by Toyota’s Kanban method, Trello is a collaborative, simple and free tool (for basic functionality), for managing tasks and projects. In young companies, many projects must be carried out in parallel and it is not always easy to keep an overview and to prioritize tasks.

Trello is presented in the form of an electronic bulletin board made up of a certain number of lists, which in turn contain different “cards”. Tasks appear as “to do”, “in progress” or “completed”. The tool is very simple and intuitive and makes it easy to distribute tasks within the team.

It also pushes to segregate the more or less important problems into a sum of small tasks which seem immediately more attainable, while keeping an overview of the final objectives. Using the tool requires a bit of discipline because it is only really effective if you write down all the tasks and keep it up to date!


It is often said that the entrepreneur needs two brains as there are so many things to think about at the start of the business! Evernote is software, free in its basic version, which allows you to free your mind by centralizing your notes in one place. The tool has existed for many years but still remains a reference in the matter.

Evernote allows you to take notes, to create lists from these notes but also from photos, audio files, e-mails, parts of the website. Thanks to plug-ins adapted to all browsers, the software can indeed copy articles, pages, screenshots for you… In addition, Evernote will synchronize the lists of your different devices so that they stay up to date, regardless of the device which you use. Ideal for noting the great idea of ​​the middle of the night on your smartphone and finding it the next day on your PC!



Canva is a magic tool to create sublime visuals in seconds and without technical knowledge. All you need is one or more quality photos, then let yourself be guided to create dynamic and effective images adapted to social media formats. But Canva is not limited to social networks, it can also be used to produce various documents such as your flyers, brochures, banners, infographics or business cards.

The site offers many models on which you can rely. You adapt them according to your needs, then you add text and choose from all possible and imaginable wallpapers, as well as various shapes, icons, and other superb graphic possibilities.

With just a little bit of training and imagination, you get great visuals for free.

And if you rather want to easily make a short animation film to present your services in an unforgettable way, other free tools exist, such as Powtoon or Animaker.


The lean method, you know? Strikingly is an ideal tool to create a landing page in a few minutes and test your next products or services. In 30 minutes, without knowledge of code or design, you can create a magnificent site that will help you assess the interest of your potential customers. A free way to do a live test, to pair with an inexpensive social media campaign!

You will obviously be able to evolve your site to a more advanced form once the market interest in your product or service is confirmed. Zero risks and super-efficiency!

Other free tools of course exist, such as WIX, also easy to access, and WORDPRESS, the most used in the world.

Don’t hesitate to study your audience’s reactions to your landing page thanks to HOTJAR, a fabulous tool for literally watching what your visitors are doing on your website. This will help you understand how to satisfy them. There are a free basic personal version and free trial periods for the more complete versions.

Do you need a logo to enhance your landing page and establish your image? No need to invest thousands of euros to get the first logo, there are free generators online, like Online Logo Maker, Logaster or Logo Garden. The young entrepreneur sometimes tends to be obsessed with the choice of his logo and to devote a lot of time to it when, in fact, what matters to your client is first and foremost your product.


Do you need quality photos for your visuals? You will find very beautiful images on Pexels. You can of course always find them on Flickr or Google. Be careful, however, to target only royalty-free images! To do this, select the images of the “creative common license” label. Then, to use them freely, you will simply have to quote the name of the author (You can add a mention “Photo Credit: …” at the end of the article, for example).

Although varied, the royalty-free images are not always of optimal quality. It is sometimes better to invest a little and go through paid platforms, such as Shutterstock, Istockphoto or Adobe Stock, for example.

Another outstanding platform is Pickwizard. It holds a stunning library of over 1 million stock images and videos. What makes Pikwizard stand out is you can take each image and edit on graphic design software, Design Wizard. And the images of people are also great! There’s no attribution required



Newsletters are an effective marketing tool but can quickly take up a lot of your time. If you start your project with limited financial resources, SendinBlue will surely be your ally to send emails/newsletters to prospects and customers. Easy to use, fast, efficient and free for all your emailing campaigns up to 9000 monthly emails. You can read a detailed SendinBlue Review here.

The tool offers dozens of professional templates that you can use as a basis for your emails. You can add addresses manually, import lists in CSV format or link your CRM system to Sendinblue. The tool also includes a module to transform your emails into Facebook ads.

Very useful feature: at the end of the campaign, Sendinblue provides you with a detailed report (frequency of opening emails, number of clicks) that can inspire you to improve your communication!

SENDINBLUE tool allows you to create beautiful campaigns without skill in email design or HTML. Sendinblue is free up to 9000 emails/month.

Whatever solution you choose, pay close attention to the new rules required by the GDPR!


Currently, it is hard to imagine going without social media to communicate about your business. But these networks are multiplied and we do not always have the time to manage all these accounts and ensure a regular presence. Hootsuite allows you to manage and analyze your presence on social networks with a single program.

You no longer have to connect to each network separately, all your messages appear in one click on the networks of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr… So you save a lot of time.

You can prepare your publications in advance and automatically post them in the best audience hours. Hootsuite also provides you with analyzes concerning the consultation and sharing of your messages. Read more about business automation here


Typeform is a very easy-to-use tool to help you create questionnaires, quizzes or online surveys, with very neat and professional graphics. The free version allows you to receive and view up to 100 responses per month, the equivalent of its competitor Surveymonkey.

Remember that the best way to test the market is to try to sell, either for real or simulated sales. It is one thing to fill out a questionnaire and say that you are interested in a product, it is quite another to take out your wallet and buy it.


Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) is a real-time customer support tool. A small window appears to chat with visitors to your site live, answer their questions and find out their needs. The single-agent version is completely free.

Chat allows you to create a more personal relationship with your customers and thereby improve their experience and increase your sales.

However, do not implement this solution if you can only respond to customers very rarely, better not to have a cat at all than a visible but never accessible cat.


Zoho is, among other things, a CRM offering a basic and efficient version for free. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The aim of CRM is to optimize the processing and analysis of data relating to customers and prospects. It effectively replaces the old Excel file and allows you to track contacts, schedule reminders, in short, to do all the necessary commercial monitoring in a centralized and practical way!

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