The Successful Mobile App Development Trends over the Years


Who could have probably thought that technological innovations could lead to making life easy and so innovative in a span of the last ten years? However, with the smartphones seeping into our lives altogether it went on to make our lives considerably easy as well as smooth so as to say and also went on to playing an especially important role in terms of helping businesses successfully build a brand as well as an online presence in a very innovative way mostly through the mobile app design they created.

However, in this article, we will not be discussing how smartphones have gone onto revolutionizing our lives but will actually be talking in detail about the revolutionary mobile apps that have played a very significant role in revolutionizing businesses as well as their operations on a whole.

So here’s looking into the extremely innovative mobile app trends that have shaped our lives in the span of the last ten years and also gone on to play a very important role in transforming the way businesses run.

Innovative Mobile App Trends to Have Captured Limelight in the Last Ten Years

Ridesharing Apps

With the creation of Uber in 2009, the ridesharing concept witnessed a new definition altogether. No longer did one have to wait in the scorching heat or beating cold in search for a ride. With a few simple taps, one was assured a ride at their doorstep that would support them reach their destination with ease as well as convenience.

Food Delivery Apps

With new solutions such as Swiggy, UberEATS, Zomato, etc stepping into the zone to make food delivery a few taps away the process became unique in nature and also went on to enthrall businesses that were earlier involved in traditional ways of offering food delivery. The apps now took care of it and restaurants were promised they would never miss out on any prospective client as the app would ensure to take care of it in the best possible manner.

On-Demand Service Apps

Considering the busy life people started having it made it impossible for them to feel the urge to step out of their house and refresh. This, in turn, led to the creation of what we call on-demand service apps which offered convenience to the customer in terms of getting access to the service at the comfort of their own location and also leading to the rising demand for freelance labor.

Chatbots to Create Personalized Experience for User

To create interactivity while using mobile apps, businesses utilized chatbots into the solution so as to help customers get quick help. This also categorically helped reduce the wait time usually involved when you have customer support manually performing the task.

Making Connections and Networking a Cakewalk

Thanks to the presence of mobile apps networking and forming connections have become a cakewalk especially when you identify the overall hectic lifestyle that people have nowadays. These connections, in turn, help them socialize on a whole.

Social Media

How many of us can actually think of a day when we don’t enter social media engines like Instagram, Facebook and so on and so forth to see what our favorite celebrities are doing none right? In the last couple of years, we have seen social media taking over our lives to a great extent and going to a level where it has managed and taken full control of us. As per statistics, as soon as people open their eyes to the time they sleep they spend close to around an hour or even two on the social media portals to see videos, check on their loved ones and so on and so forth.

Online Streaming Platforms

If statistics are to be believed people today are more addicted to the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on and so forth to binge on their favorite shows or watch a movie they may have missed in the cinemas than the television. This is one revolution that has certainly seen wide popularity in the last couple of years.


Knowledge and enlightenment are free of cost. However until the inception of kindles or e-readers as they are popularly called, one had to go to bookstores in search of a book they wished to buy. But with this new revolutionary trend, you can now successfully read the books you want to without having to invest much into the same.


Logistics and delivery is an extremely expensive task and requires huge manpower so as to say. But with new drone technologies now delivery of items from one place to another has become smooth, easy and convenient so as to say without any kind of damage caused to property at all.

Apart from these, the gojek like mobile app development process got revolutionized more in the last few years through trends like 360-degree virtual tours, mobile money transactions, etc to name a few. These have gone on to shape the lives of people at large and also categorically transform the way businesses ran on a whole to a great extent.

So, in conclusion, we can say that mobile apps indeed are a revolutionary trend to have categorically played an extremely significant role not only in shaping and camouflaging the way businesses operate but also to making life considerably easy for the common man of today as well at the same time and also more interactive in nature to be more precise.

Messaging and Collab apps

With teams and businesses moving towards remote work, the need for communication apps has risen. 
Messaging apps that are also secure, and can integrate other functionalities have been doing the best. 
Also great quality voice and video calling and team management are important attributes to such apps. 

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