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Top Content Writing Startup Tips that Every Business Owner Should Know


We live in a digital era – and at this point, digital marketing is taking over any other kind of marketing. Everyone is looking everything up on the internet before making a decision – so if you have a product or a service to sell, you need to convince your audience that you are the one they should choose.

Those at their startup need to particularly be careful about their content writing. Regardless if you are writing the content yourself or are planning to hire a content writer, you need to ensure that your content will draw clients from a variety of places.

Here are some content writing startup tips to make your business more successful.

  • Write to the Audience

Content writing is much more successful if you direct the style and tone for a specific demographic. For instance, teenagers may need a totally different marketing approach compared to a baby boomer. You need to choose the style and tone in a way that will keep them hooked. You can learn about online marketing terms, Internet acronyms, jargon and more at 

If you have a more diverse audience, it would be best to keep a more conservative tone to your content. The platform on which you post can also help you adapt the content (LinkedIn, for instance, may have different appropriate requirements compared to Tumblr).

  • Proofread the Content

You can never proofread a text too many times – and you should never post anything before reading it at least once. Proofread, proofread again – and then get anyone else to proofread for you.

If you want your content to be perfect but don’t have anyone suitable to give you a good opinion, you might want to add a marketing editor on your time, you can easily find him in Digital Marketing Agency. If that’s not possible or if the workload is small, you should at least secure someone as the contractor.

  • Cover the Right Topics

When writing for your business, you don’ have to write about what you think will need – but what you think that a client will need. Only a skilled content writer will have what it takes to make a business pop – and most of the time, someone just majoring in writing might not just cut it.

When starting up a business, you need to ensure that the content actually brings the clients what they need. A good content writer will put themselves in the shoes of the client – predicting exactly what they are searching for. The content that they provide should use the right topics and keywords that will cater to their searches.

  • Provide Consistency

The business is just starting up, so you are probably still trying to figure out its message, its brand, and its style. While some slight tweaks are acceptable in the long run, make sure that you remain consistent. If you’ve adopted a certain style in the beginning, make sure that you stick with that style to the very end.

Consistency leads to trust and reliability – which is very important as the business is just starting up. If you are inconsistent with your posts and it seems like they were written by a completely different entity, then you might actually lose clients this way. 

  • Separate the Chunks

For your content writing to be successful, you have to make sure that the reader won’t be looking for some other texts simply because they were intimidated by the big chunks of text.

Nowadays, many people will be reading your content from smaller devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone. They need those “white spaces” simply so that they can catch a breather and actually understand the main idea. So, make sure that your paragraphs are not too long, nor too short. A digestible 3-4 sentence paragraph is usually ideal.

  • Add Images

Content writing is, indeed, mostly about writing – but this does not mean that pictures should be ignored. A simple picture, video, r infographic will draw the reader in and help them engage with your text. You simply need to place them in the right spot, allowing them to mix efficiently and “accessorize” your text.

  • Provide the Correct Amount of Content

Generally speaking, shorter articles with the right information might bring you the coverage that you’ll need – but this will also depend on how much content you are planning to post every week. For instance, if you provide blog posts several times per week, shorter (but on-point) articles should be enough.

However, if you only post once every two weeks or longer, you might want to create longer articles. This will provide more coverage for your business.

Life as a content writer for a business is never easy – particularly if it’s just starting up. If you are not exactly confident in your content writing skills, you can always go for collaborations with websites such as Trust My Paper. There is always a way to ask “who can write a paper for me” as well. When in need of written content, expert writers are what will help you through your startup.

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