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How to Choose the Most Suitable Virtual Office in the UK


The recent pandemic has forced many people to explore working from home. Even though a lot of countries are easing their lockdown restriction, some industries have adopted remote working.

Working remotely comes with a lot of advantages. It is cost-effective, reduces the emission of carbon, improves productivity, and overall better health. However, this does not entirely rule out the cons of remote working. One needs to deal with the struggles of organizing emails and phone calls. This is what makes many people consider a virtual office.

What is a Virtual office?

A virtual office helps businesses have access to a physical address. They also have access to administrative facilities without paying through their nose. The firm also will not have to deal with the considerable cost of maintaining a physical office.

With a virtual office, one can handle series of admin task such as:

  • Receiving and forwarding of mails
  • Redirecting of phone calls
  • Receiving business calls

There are virtual offices that make available a co-working space or a private office for their customers. Such a factor makes it easy for the team to meet should they need to have a meeting. A virtual office is not a new service even though the demand is rising all over the country. However, all virtual offices are not created equally. To help users find the best virtual office, here are some essential things to consider:

1.  Explore Your Business Needs

A virtual office offers services like a business address, a live receptionist, mail forwarding, call answering, meeting rooms, etc. Your business might not need all these services, which makes it essential to explore the services available. With this, you can decide the ones that your business needs and those you will not need for the moment.

It is a good idea to opt for services you will need currently since there is room for expansion. A business should consider a virtual office London with meeting room if the team will meet from time to time. The business goal is an excellent idea to help with this.

A business that desires top-notch customer service, for instance, needs to choose a package that has a virtual receptionist. Similarly, a firm that wants a prestigious location will need to concentrate on localities that make such possible.

2.  Consider Signs of Innovation

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a virtual office is the technical capacity. This should be one of the significant purchasing decisions as it can determine the quality of service you will enjoy down the years.

This has to do with the virtual service provider’s investment in developing and keeping abreast with the industry’s competition. A business needs this to ensure that it enjoys a significant advantage that the virtual office can provide over time. Without innovation, your provider will likely be behind the competition.

As a result, your provider of choice must prioritize creativity. With this, you are confident that the business can grow to its full potential allowing you to enjoy a series of services available.

3.  What is their Policy on mail forwarding?

Many businesses consider a virtual office due to the mail forwarding service advantage. However, one cannot expect the mail forwarding service offered by various services to be the same.

This makes it essential to consider the company’s process and policy regarding organizing and forwarding mails. Here are some compelling questions one might consider asking:

  • How often must a business come and pick mails?
  • Who will be responsible for the signing of packages?
  • Can mail forwarding service be paused?

The time frame for forwarding the mails to you matters as well. You need to know if you will enjoy same-day mail forwarding, or they will probably leave it for a couple of days before they get it to you.

4.  Ask for their Policy on Conference Room

Some virtual offices give users access to private office or conference room facilities. However, the policies on the use of such rooms will differ.

While there are virtual offices that will charge you an hourly rate to use their conference room, others charge for the conference room included in their monthly plan. This makes it essential to know their policy on the conference room and consider your business’s needs in conference rooms. Will you require the use of such a space weekly, monthly, or a few times a year?

In addition to the payment policy, the time of booking also matters. While some services do not mind you scheduling the room for the same day, others might require you to book well in advance.

5.  Compare Various Providers

Finally, do not settle for the first virtual office you feel is appropriate for your business. With an idea of the business needs and other various amenities that one can get from a virtual office, it is time to consider different service providers and their plans. A virtual office will typically have a different pricing scheme since the packages differ – receptionist, mail forwarding service, Wi-Fi connection, etc. Make sure to thoroughly explore this, especially if you want a service at a low cost. Bear in mind some virtual office services might entice you with affordable fees and have pricey add-ons later. This makes it essential to check the details of the plan before making a choice.


Without a doubt, this article can guide you in making a practical choice of a suitable virtual office in the UK. As long as you are diligent enough to do the necessary research, you will get a plan to take care of your business’s needs.

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